squirrels! gah!

msarroApril 23, 2012

I have two raised beds, each 12x4. I have just replanted them a third time, and for the third time, nothing is growing. Today, I saw why - squirrels are digging up the seeds. I had transplanted in some things (beets broccoli, etc), and they were all eaten within a day.

I need an affordable way to cut down on squirrels at least long enough for my seeds to take root. I've heard about cayenne/garlic working, but then I've read that its actually really cruel, and will eat away at the nasal passages and throats/lungs of the squirrels.

I've tried planting marigolds, but the *#^@^@& squirrels eat the seeds before they grow. I'm going to get some full grown ones later tonight and plant them around the perimeter of each bed (7 per bed, one every 4 feet). I know marigolds work for bunnies, but what about squirrels?

I've seen suggestions for red fox urine - has anyone tried it? Will it work?

I would like to plant a fence, but it will be a pain to build, and expensive so I need a few weeks to get the cash for that much chicken wire and wood to make something that not only goes around both beds, but also covers them.

I'd like to avoid killing them, but if they keep eating what we're relying on food wise, my temper will get a bit thin. Squirrel stew is tasty.

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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

Squirrels like freshly tilled ground. If youy just laid the chicken wire fencing over the the area until things got going you should be ok.


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

or hardware cloth

see link ...

hinge it.. so you can open it ...


Here is a link that might be useful: link

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Any kind of predatory animal's urine will help with most animals, even human urine, especially from a male.

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What you heard about the cayanne/garlic mixture is a myth.
The most effective mehtod of preventing squirrels digging in newly tilled ground is placing 1 inch mesh chicken wire over, and parallel to, that ground, that is less expensive then hardware cloth would be. The spray would need to be reapplied quite often while the chicken wire is a one time thing, although you do need to watch for when to remove it.

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