First Plumeria - How can I best be successful?

Brights(USDA zone 6)January 30, 2012

I bought a plumeria cutting a few months ago (approx 14" long with 4 points), and potted it in November. I used some rooting hormone, mixed perlite with potting soil, watered it in, then sat it in the warmest room in the house. I've left it completely alone since then.

It has in the last couple weeks shot up a leaf on two of its four points. They are pale, yellow-green.

What should I be doing to encourage growth and root development?

- The room it is in has no windows, I figure at this point it'll need some light. Will a regular flourescent light work? Or should I move it to a window, even though it won't be as warm or humid?

- Do I need to be generating humidity? What is a good way to create enough?

- Since I haven't watered it since November (when I potted it), when should I start worrying about watering it?

Thank you!

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It probably needs more natural light. Can you get a warming mat to help keep the planting media warm if you place it next to a sunny window? you may have to move it away from the window at night.

Water it lightly (no more than a half cup or less in a 1 gal pot) once its leaves are about 6 inches long. I would not worry too much about the humidity at this point. its more about sunlight and heat right now.

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Everything kms2 said, plus misting if you're worried about the dry inside air. A cutting or rooted plumeria always appreciate some misting, even if they have no leaves, if the humidity's low. Once a day should do but you can do it more if you like.

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Brights(USDA zone 6)

Thank you for your input!

I put it by a sunny window the other day, and it is now definitely greener. That made me happy. Today however, it didn't make it to a window. I'll work on that.
I am a little concerned though about the leaves. I looked at it today, and the leaves are curled back a bit (the leaves are 2-3 inches long). Is that a bad thing? Should I do something about it? (I still have not watered it at all). I'd like to post a photo of it here, but I can't figure out how to do that. Is it possible?

Thanks again!

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Brights(USDA zone 6)

I put a picture of it on snapfish, maybe that will help.

Here's the link:

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Brights,

Your tree looks like it is on its way to rooting for you!!

Nice to see those two leaves forming!!

Like K and Jen have mentioned, i would find a sunny window and use a heating mat to keep the soil warm for the rooting process

Misting is alright, but i would keep it on the dry side until you see more leaves. You can even use the rim method to water. Run your finger around the outer edge of the container to make a imprint on the soil, then give it just a little water around the outer edge. Remember...just a little.

Good Luck!!!


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Brights, those first few leaves will never be quite right, they'll be small and misshapen, but as the root system forms the new leaves will get bigger. Definitely get it into a sunny space.

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