foxtail planting depth??

slane15May 4, 2013

Planted 4 foxtails in the back yard a couple weeks ago. Palms are about overall height 12-15ft. Now that they have been watered in well I see that the ground level comes about 1.5" above the point were you have that drop off and the roots begin... Is this depth too deep? If so any remedies to help from root or causing fungus?

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The place where the roots begin should be just below the soil. I never go below maybe half an inch deep myself when planting Foxtails. I do not know if that depth that you stated will be to deep, but I would not keep it there. I plant some fan palm a little deeper, like Copernicia or Bismarkia because they can handle it.

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I don't know that it would matter that much. As they get older the base of the trunk swells up and roots come out above soil level anyway.

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