Have you ever purchase palm trees off of ebay?

vobgroMay 17, 2010

I really want a Canary island date palm but I couldn't find them in my area, according to acostafarm.com they are prohibited in TX, so if I buy one off ebay will it get confiscate? And has any one successfully buy palms from ebay without any problems ?

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I can't answer your legal question about confiscation (why are they being confiscated??), but I have ordered many palms on eBay--mostly with great success. I have about 8 large Canary palms--7 were started from seed (very easy from seed if you can wait a few years). My largest (about 7 feet and wide), I got on eBay as a 1 gallon. Purchased it from a grower in Miami (where summer conditions are VERY HUMID), so when it arrived it was covered in ugly black spots. I figured at the time it was related to the South Florida climate so just kept the plant and sure enough, it quickly outgrew the ugly spots.--I love canariensis palms!!

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I have seen canary island date palms in Texas before (or at least I was pretty sure I did) so I dont know why it would be illegal. But I also cant answer that since I dont know since I dont live in Texas. but I have bought palms and many other plants off ebay and am happy with a majority of my purchases. Just check the feedback on the sellers, make sure you are getting it for a good price, and always check the shipping they charge.
Good luck!

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stevea07(7 AL)

You may wish to contact Ryan at Collector Palms. He currently has Phoenix canariensiâs for sale on Ebay and he is located in Texas.

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