webkat555April 19, 2012

Is this a leafroller or something else? The tree (Crabapple) is covered with them. I have eliminated webworm and cankerworm...possibly leafroller or leaftier, but the habits do not exactly match the leafroller (even though my pictures seem to match (the two images marked "leafroller" are of my NOID worm)....can't find a good pic of a leaftier. Hope someone from here can help me come up with a more definitive answer. Thanks!

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That looks more like the Eastern Tentworm.

Here is a link that might be useful: Eastern Tentworm

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Nah...we eliminated tent caterpillar....these little guys are naked (no hair).

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jimr36(5b CO)

If you can get a good closeup picture of the caterpillar / worm, trying submitting it to Bugguide.net That site is great for ID-ing.


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Funny, I just posted on whatsthatbug.com....will also try bugguide.

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