Holes in Pepper Plants

Valdo(9b)April 14, 2014

Here are two pictures of holes I have in my pepper plants. I tried beer trap, spotted a slug, but slugs are not taking to the beer. Checked all over the plant, did a newspaper trap for earwigs. Sprayed with Neem and soapy-garlicy water. Nothing. I check the plants during the day AND at night with a flashlight and nothing.

Anyone? I think it may be slugs because I spotted one on the plant and when I did the beer trap two slugs did go for the dish. But no evidence and it does not stop!

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Here is another shot of the pepper plant holes...

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Nobody has an idea?? I sent this guy over here from the hot pepper forum knowing you guys/gals usually have better info than I can provide.



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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

He's done all of the things that we could have suggested.....just about. Valdo, have you carefully inspected under the leaves? Caterpillars are extremely small when they first hatch.

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Check under those pots for slugs also Valdo.

Thanks Rhizo. He mentioned he did a foliar spray of epsom salts. Spots started white, then brown, then the holes. Do you think an overzealous dose of epsoms could do it?


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Valdo, if you cannot find a pest in the immediate environment, then look farther afield. The damage seems to be that caused by a leaf eating beetle which may have moved in, eaten and moved on.
Remember the bar-room character? Eats, shoots - and leaves.
A Panda, apparently.

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Checked throughout the area and no sign of anything. Then again we had a major storm run through here, high winds but the plants seemed ruffled but fine.

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Those are old holes. Occurred long ago, when the leaf was very young and still expanding. Then, as the leaf grew, the holes also grew.

Bottom line #1: Nothing ate it.
Bottom line #2: something may have poked it.
Bottom line #3: No need for panic and/or treatment.

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