I'm confused. Is it Spring Or Winter?

dthrooopJanuary 11, 2014

Apologies to those on the East Coast, but what's up with our winter in Southern California? Not only am I wearing shorts, but my plumeria thinks it is spring and sprouting leaves. It's been too warm for too long and looks like the coming week will be mid-70's again. Can i get a cold spell please?

That said, I did manage to take advantage of the whether and started a seed from Rox146 - the seedling thinks it is spring too! Thanks Rox and I hope all your plants are well!

Plumeria with Winter leaves - January 2014

Rox Seedling

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

i hear ya. Just 5 days ago on Monday our overnight low was -2 high was 17. Today, it was 60 and sunny. Tomorrow should be 60 again.

crazy weather.


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Argh... Two days ago it was 16 degrees. Today it was 70. ? What is happening..

I did lose on of my palms to the -10 degree windchill for two days...all of the large palms look alright so far, but I'm sure time will tell. In A few months will be the real test.

Im Glad you guys out west are having warm temps.

Im Sitting on my couch all wrapped up with a horrible head cold.. Tells you how crazy the temps are here. ;-(

Take care,


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Dan, I cannot believe how fast that seedling grew for you.....GREEN thumb! Mine never grow like that. Wish the best for you and it's blooms. to the next luau, cheers, roxanne

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No complaints here. I'm such a chicken when it comes to cold weather. But am looking forward to the high 70's in the next week.
Laura- I am sorry you're not feeling well. Poor thing ;(


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Mike - That is some really strange weather in the OK area. I'm sure there were some people out in shorts there too!

Laura - Sorry about the cold! Those extreme weather changes can wreak havoc with one's immune system. I hope you recover soon!

Roxanne - I thought you had the green thumb and gave me the golden egg from the goose! I'll do my best to keep it alive. I've mixed results with seedlings, so hopefully my trials pay off this time around.

Chuy - Buy a sweater :-) It really helps with the cold.

Just in case anyone missed it, the Patriots won and will head to the AFC championship game next weekend ;-) A little nugget from my childhood!

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Okay Dan, now I remember that this was one of my grown 2005 seedlings, right? I was thinking this was from the seeds I took to share.... I was thinking how on earth can it be that BIG already since Sept.? So, in looking around my small yard, I have noticed that most all of my 2005 seedlings still do have most their leaves and are pushing at the tips. We have had relatively warm weather though. I wonder if seedlings get acclimated to a certain area if raised there? thanks for sharing, roxanne

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Dan, I was thinking the same thing. My Scott Pratt is opening it's first bloom now! What the heck?

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

our forecast for this coming weekend is Saturday 52 Sunday 63. sunny both days. Ill take that anytime during winter. Sunday will be a busy day for me around the house.


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we are at 77-80 for highs at the beach and have had the devil winds again...no fun. Everything is pushing. We really need the rain. I have all the JJ small containers that I bought last June to transplant and am itching to do so. Making myself wait till late March. Surely we will get some cold weather someday. Unless any of you out there thinks it won't hurt to start the routine now...????? roxanne

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All of which is subject to change at a moment's notice. I am just glad to have some sunny weather. Now I have to wash the cars to make sure it rains again.

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70, 40, 70, 40....ah, spring has sprung. shorts one day, coat the next.

I`m replanting the last of the few plumeria I dug out for the freeze and sticking some that have outgrown their pots in the ground today. 50`s for high today. They are all sending out new growth. They are going to do what they want and no use fighting them. Here today is our average last freeze date.

The passionvine is dropping all it`s leaves, and covered with blooms! The plants are as confused as we are.

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My passionfruit vine seems to not change with the seasons. It has all these fruit dangling right now. Guess it's time to make more ice cream!

Here's Scott Pratt. I never thought its first opening would be in January!

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)


I love that S.Pratt. Im really hoping mine will bloom this year.

50's and 60's here for the next week. Whoo Hoo!


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jumped on the band wagon and transplanted 5 today to the ground from pots they were not happy in...really hot out while doing it. 3 more to shoe horn in and then the other 25 will be going into bigger pots....come on spring (and rain).....roxanne

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That's awesome Rox- yes.... Very Hot out today!! Crazy Winter! ;-). C'mon rain and Spring is right. Lol


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I agree - such a weird winter!! My GS never finished dropping its leaves, and it usually drops them all within a few days. The ones that are left are still firmly attached. Celadine (big, in the ground) still has most of its leaves and was still trying to bloom up until really recently. Our temps are nutty - mid 80s during the day, mid-40s at night. I brought all the plants in when we had a couple of really cold nights .... aaaaand then brought some back out again because they weren't showing any signs of going dormant. I clipped the leaves off a bunch so I wouldn't have to deal with the back and forth. I just noticed new growth on some of those the other day, though!!

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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

None of my large trees dropped their leaves this year. I took the leaves off all of them but one when I put them in the greenhouse. The one with the remaining leaves still has them and they others are growing back! Usually by December they all drop them by themselves. It is colder this winter than last. We even got into the low 20's a few times and still...they want to grow leaves while in the gh which I do not ever heat unless it goes under 32F. Strange.

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