Yellow Leaf?

Crazy-Plant-BoyJanuary 25, 2013

Hi all! My frangi is in full sun, gets water once a week (Or whenever the leaves start to droop) and today I noticed a brown leaf had fallen off and a yellow leaf also. It's still summer here and the frangi is still flowering so what's wrong??

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my guess would be that those are the 1st/oldest leaves and they do fall off. Does the inner tip and leaves pushing out still look good? roxanne

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Now that I've actually had a proper look and stopped panicking, the leaves that dropped and the yellowing ones are the bottom leaves, so yes the oldest... Thank you for helping this idiot!

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That is the fun, learning, so we all are dumb until we find answers. Finding answers is never dumb, waiting until a plant dies because we do not ask not that might be considered dumb.

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