Container sweet potatoe

slowpoke_gardenerJuly 29, 2014

This is my first attempt at container growing. Being that I grow sweet potatoes as ornamentals each year it seemed that they should be the first garden plant to try in a pot. I cant call the container a "Success", but it gives me some ideas as to what I want to try next year.

I did not want to invest a lot of time and money in something that would be a waste. I just used compost and garden soil to put the plants in. They have not been fed any, and watered too little. You will also se insect damage, I don't know if they are flying insects or if I shoveled them up in the garden soil. This will be a project I will want to expand next year.


You can see that at least one sweet potato is forming.

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AmyinOwasso/zone 6b

They look so nice! Mine are terrible this year. I may give up and plant something else there.

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Amy, I was telling my wife that this may be the way we try to grow sweet potatoes next year. We don't get up and down too well, and dig even worse.

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AmyinOwasso/zone 6b

You can see the green potato bag in this picture its about 2 feet tall and about 18" wide. I can't seem to find the exact thing on line. This was before I moved the others out of the kiddie pool. The bags made harvesting the regular potatoes real easy. They are lighter than a pot. These have an opening in the side for harvesting new potatoes. I grew regular potatoes in dog food bags, too. Just tore them open to harvest. I've had mixed results with containers this year. They are a pain to keep watered, and "fed". But I have had both hips and a knee replaced, I cannot get down on the ground any more, so I can relate to not digging.

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Amy, I like the looks of those grow bags, but I want to try the nursery pots first. They are about 25 or 30 gal. pots with handles on each side. One of the bad things about the pots is that they are so heavy when filled with garden soil, but, I don't want to invest in that much potting soil. I am hoping I can turn the pots over with my truck and just pick the potatoes out of the soil. I will know more about that at harvest time.


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