The 2d Annual Major Pruning of a Plumeria thread

qaguyJanuary 19, 2013

Well, I did it again. My big plumeria by the back door was
in need of another major pruning.

Here's what it looked like prior to the cold snap we just had.

After the cold snap, it looked like this.

After pruning, it now looks like this.

Got quite a few cuttings though. Thirty-four to be exact.

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WOW! Is this the right time of year for pruning/cuttings...I guess depends on your area...I prune in Ca. in late must be lucky..roxanne

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HEy quaguy,
Those are some MASSIVE cuttings. Looks likr you have some excellent new plumeria there in the making! What kind of plumeria is it?

Good luck with your cuttings! I'm jealous!!


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Looks like an instant replay !!! Did you get your helper this year? Looks like their lined up just like Jen's work. It sure didn't take long to over grow again. Good job. You sure have a forest in the making. Peg

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi T..

It seemed like "yesterday" when you pruned this beauty!!

I remembered this beauty from pics that Jen posted and they were just beautiful.. My trees will hopefully bloom next year and somehow i was thinking that it coukd possibly be a VV? Vera Verde? I had another tree that was mislabeled from a vendor in Florida. It was labeled Aztec gold and it was something more beautiful than that.

Your pics and the one that i had from this mislabeled looked the same and Brad as well as Dewaine called it a possible VV. The original tree was from your area and i was wondering if you had heard of your tree possibly being that variety? Mine is labeled T's beauty!!! I think Peg calls her that too! Mahalo!!

I hope your trees are feeling better from that awful cold snap that you all had.. I agree with you that the leaves protected your tips and that may have saved you trees from more damage.

Thinking of you and hoping that you had a wonderful Christmas!! I know how you love to decorate your home and open it to guest and others to share in the beauty!!! Did you particape in the tour this year?

YOU take care and i am so glad that you did your trimming.. She looks wonderful and im sure you will be blessed with plenty of gorgeous blooms!!!

Did Jen come over this year? I miss her... Please tell her i said hello!!! Thanks T.

HI Rox!!! Hi Peg,, ANd HI ANDREW!!! ;-)

Take care,


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When my plant needs pruning...seems like annually now...I
usually prune in mid-Jan to mid-Feb. The frost we got just
coincided with the normal times. The plant is about as
dormant as it gets.

Don't know what variety the plant is. It does kinda look
like Kimo and Laura has suggested Vera Verde. I seem to
remember a thread talking about that, but I can't find it.
Anybody remember the thread name?

I just did a google image search on Vera Verde and the most
amazing thing happened. The search found my three pictues
on this thread! Nothing that looks like my flowers showed
up though.

No helper this year. I haven't seen or heard from Jen lately.
Hope things are OK for her. I learned from her
though, that's why the cuttings are neat like that.

Decorated the house as usual, but not part of the tour this
year. But still got lots of nice comments from folks
walking by on how nice the house looked. Even heard one
lady tell her companion that our house was on the tour last
year! Glad folks remember and appreciate our efforts.

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Wow- I too remember when you trimmed that beauty! Time sure does fly.... What will you do with all your cuttings? Looks nice and ready to grow like crazy again! :)


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Cuttings will go to a nursery in Pasadena. I trade the
cuttings for vegetable starts (mostly tomatoes).

I will probably announce their availability to the folks
here soon. But if you're interested, let me know. Anybody
else too.

I will have some restrictions. I'm not going to go to
great lengths to send them out. Some of them are too
big to mail. And kind of costly too.

I'll probably make the recipients send me a box with
postage. Much easier on me that way. I'm not young any
ore and don't really want to run all over the place for
boxes, etc.

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Q, if you type in "Via Verde" plumeria, the search will bring up Dewaine's pics, which look very like yours, IINM.

It's a beautifully shaped tree; you've obviously given it a happy home!

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I found Dewaine's Photobucket page last night.

I bought my plant around 1985 at a flower show/sale at the
Puente Hills Mall in Industry. That's about 12 miles from
the mall.

Who knows. Wherever Dewaine's plant came from, it could
have come from the same vendor.

My plant has a red stripe on the back of the petals. I'm
wondering if his has the same stripe.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dewaine's Photobucket Via Verde library

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi T!!!

This is a great thread!!! i have just searched like Jen mentioned ( HI JEN!!! ) ;-)

Your original thread popped up and i loved looking at your pics. Soooo beautiful!! Really enjoyed following the trimming of this gorgeous tree.

Thanks for the email.. i'll be back to you about the info.. I also find this really fascinating!! Things here at my house have been very hectic since my DH had a complete knee replacement.. "nurse Ratchett" has been very busy!! ;-) My email has been backed up and i did read your info..

When i had posted last summer of my mislabeled IR, i had also posted a pic to the FPS asking their opinion about a possible ID. That is when i had a few people say that it looked like Via Verde. Knowing that it can't be called the named variety since it isnt a true cutting from a nammed tree and it is really a Noid from a nursery from Florida (Plumeria Gallery) Don't get me started about that!!! LOL.... Anyway, it looked so much like yours and i had some experts ( Dewaine and Brad from BBB) tell me that it looked like VV. So i tagged my mislabeled tree "Hopeful VV" Jen was great about the proper name.. Thanks Jen!!!

Thank You T for always being so generous and kind to me and everyone here on this forum!! Your cuttings are doing great..

Glad to hear you are well.. I will have to send Jen (labland) a shout and see if she is doing alright.

Sounds like your home was decorated beautifully for CHristmmas.. always nice to hear comments from your neighbors. What a nice feeling to hear them talking about your home.

I need to find a pic of mine and then it would be fun to post a pic of yours..

Love to see the connection and the possibility of your findings with the Via Verde tree.

Jen did keep all of your cuttings last year in great shape.. looks like your "loot" on the table looks nice and organized too! Great job!!

Have a wonderful night.

Now you have me thinking of blooms.. We are expecting snow tomorrow. Only a dusting expected tho..

Cheers... Wishing I was in sunny CA!!!

Have a great night everyone!!!


Here is a link that might be useful: Pruning of the Huge tree in CA...

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Hey, Laura! Long time, no see! Hope DH's knee is doing better--ouch, what a thing to deal with. I'm sure he'll be out there playing tennis soon ;)

Btw, I think I'll have something here for you in a couple of months, something special. Keep in touch!


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new_grdnr(z9 CA)

Hello qaguy,
I live in the great SF bay area, CA and have started growing sub tropicals recently. I have 2 guavas, arabian jasmine, ixora & curryleaf plant. I am wowed by your plumeria & equally wowed by the cuttings. The plant looks amazing & healthy and so much bigger than the one my dad is growing in India. Would love to get a cutting from you if you still have one to spare. My email is nv_here@hotmaildotcom


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi T!!!

Wanted to say that those pics do look the same..

Whatever the name, You have one beautiful tree!

Jen (TX)

Hope you are doinng well with the new job.

Always nice to hear from you too! You are so sweet...

Thank you!! I would be more than grateful..

DH Is ready to jump in the ocean right now.. ;-) This is one painful operation. Just a reminder to stay healthy and be careful with your knees!!

I am now an RN..LMAO!! Don't ask him for any references tho!! ;-)

YOU take good care and give your little one a extra hug!!

Have a great day to all of my friends here!!!



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