Too much fungicide, have I damaged my plants?

deurgesApril 11, 2012

My Chile de Arbol plants had something resembling powdery mildew on the back some leaves, so I bought some fungicide from a local company. The fungicide is Benomyl (used to be available in the US as Benlate).

I applied it at about 10am, using about 2.5 teaspoons per liter (about 22 grams per gallon, calculated at 2 grams per teaspoon). Also, I applied it to my Lime tree. About 6 hours later, when I went to my storage room, and looked at the label again, it hit me that I had used 5 times more than what I intended to use!

What I did, was try to wash it off my plants by hosing their leaves with water, and afterwards turning on the irrigation system.

Did I do the correct thing to prevent my plants from having leaf damage? How much fungicide is actually too much for a plant? When should I reapply the fungicide? (in it's correct dose!)

I now realize that while tending to my garden is relaxing, I shouldn't apply chemicals when I'm too concentrated on work stuff!

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

you did what you could.. in trying to remove it ...

now all you can do is wait and see ...

but let me suggest.. that spraying as the heat of the day starts at noon.. might not be the best timing ... early morning or evening might be better ...

with all that spray .. i wonder if you really need a second application ...


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

There are so many issues with your question that I hardly know where to begin. I guess the first problem is that you grabbed a toxic fungicide without the proper identification of the problem. Powdery mildew is much more likely to affect the top surface of the leaves.

The chemical is also very toxic to earthworms and beneficial soil microorganisms. Your heavy watering may have made that problem worse.

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