Mid spring updates and hopefully moving south.

bradleyo_gwMay 6, 2013

Hey all, it's been a while. Been busy with some new beds and looking for a new job as I got laid off last week. So now I'm looking to move yet again, this time the ideal locations are Raleigh, Charlotte, Columbia SC, and Virginia Beach; far enough south for a much better climate yet close enough to get back to Pittsburgh relatively easily. Anyhow, if anyone needs a salesman with a background in either medical devices or industrial sales, let me know. But now onto some pics. I pretty much went all in with the potted plants, I had way too many, not enough light in the house and just decided to plant everything. Plus, if I move, I won't be able to move all of those plants.

First the new beds. This one is in back of the pool, so the banana and alocasia will look better once they fill in and start to grow. Also in the bed so far is a majesty, a variegated y. gloriosa, and a hybrid from Jim K that made it through winter unprotected and a daylilly. I may add some annual color in the front.

New bed with a Chicago Hardy fig which I moved from the other side of the house because it was too close to the house, an oleander, some EE bulbs and some canna bulbs and some other misc. stuff. I scavenged all the rocks.

BBB after it's first winter, looks beat up but still alive and growing. I didn't notice damage on any other mag around. Must be because it was first year.

A new veg bed with kale, collards, brussels sprouts, lettuce, spinach, swiss chard, broccoli, and beets.

Sioux crape. All wood survived. No protection on any crapes. They are all alive. Also had Natchez and some other crape, I think Muskogee that are alive, but they were in the backyard and the dogs decided to make their own sticks and snapped off all of the trunks. They are both coming back from the base.

Acoma crape

Cleyera, unprotected after planting in October! It still shocks me that this came through unscathed. I lost 2 needles, all gardenias (Daisy, Kleim's Hardy, and Frostproof), and I had a weird incident with my variegated gloriosa where it looked spotless, and then a windstorm separated it from the trunk!

Cast iron a little beat up.

New bed from last fall with cleyera, azaleas, philo, EE, basjoo, butterfly bush and knockout rose.

Basjoo pushing up with new blue pot minor to replace the blue pot needle that didn't put up much of a fight. Even the pups had all their spears pull, and both needles were in a pot for 2 years. No more blue pot needles for me, unless of course I move south!

Another blue pot needle with an extra year in a pot to replace a dead blue pot needle. Also put my waggie in the ground.

Louisiana severely damaged. All palms protected with a leaf cage and frost cloth laying on top. It always worked well for my minors in Dubois, it didn't do squat for my dead needles.

McCurtain that doesn't look like much, but that's exactly how it looked last fall.

Minor of unknown origin

Hopi - all wood alive

Hard to tell but all wood alive on Victor as well.

Veggies, planted so far to where it's mulched. Strawberries, blueberries, garlic, onions, shallots, hardy citrus, habaneros, poblanos, yellow squash, zucchini, green beans, carrots, snow peas, regular peas and cukes so far.
Tomatoes and tomatillos will follow once the ones I grew from seed so far.

Just some annuals and mulch to go and house will be ready to sell. Again, anyone looking for a salesman with good clinical or mechanical aptitude, but subpar computer skills, let me know. Especially interested in high paying jobs in beach locations with no nights, weekends, or holidays!

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earthworm73(WA z8)

Everything is looking good bradleyo. Good luck with your relocation south. Man I would move to VB for me the climate would allow me to grow all my fav cold hardies plus I could be back to my hometown of Baltimore in a very short drive.

Click for weather forecast

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Thanks. I'd love VB too, but probably a little lower on the list. There seem to be more opportunities in NC and the cost of living seems to be much lower there. We'll take the way that's provided for us though!

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Everthing is looking great. If summer ever comes your yard will explode. If you get down by NC you could always get a part time job at PDN. Nice way to score some cool plants.

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Raleigh and Charlotte are my top 2 choices, though Raleigh is preferable because I have a buddy there (and PDN of course). Now I just have to find a job. It's hard so far to get anybody to look at your résumé from our of state. Do you know of any good sales jobs down there?

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just wanted to post about the job hunting, I just got a new job with the company I work for. if you don't mind doing tech support for directv and starting pay at 10.00 an hour, I can refer you and help you get on where I work... I work from home, and you can choose up to 40 hr a week schedule, you never see anyone in person and you earn vacation pay, and lots of great incentitives. if you are interested just email me at fhubbard@live.com I will be happy to refer you, if you get hired I get a 300$ bonus. hope this interest you. btw, the company is based in sterling VA, but you can work from any of the continental us states. good luck!

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