Sick Skimmia?

GardenWannabe007April 1, 2013


I have this Skimmia (quite big and sturdy, don't know how old; I'm also not used to caring for a Skimmia) that, since February, has changed color of the foliage. It used to be dark green, now it's towards yellow where it seemed to stabilize. Leaves look still healthy and intact. No pests as far as I can see, I checked everywhere. No sun almost at all in the past 4 months, but the plant is badly positioned in too much sun.
The flower capsules have also changed color from dark red to a lighter version, but also look healthy otherwise.

I fed it twice recently, and mixed the ground with compost.

Anything else you recommend me to do? Thank you.

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The skimmia shrubs are particularly susceptible to attack from mites. The Panonychus citri, or citrus red mite, is the most frequent pest species on skimmias. These eight-legged arachnids vary in color from reddish-brown to greenish yellow and are too small to see clearly without magnification. They mainly feed on the undersides of leaves, causing bronzing and stippling. They often create unsightly webs on the foliage. Other mite pest species such as Bryobia rubrioculus and Tetranychus cause similar symptoms.

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Ah so what do you recommend I do then? Also, is it common for these mites to come while still freezing outside? We had a long cold winter in The Netherlands, so am wondering.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

isnt this the third or 4th post of some suggested major outbreak of pest attacks ... in your garden?????

i understand you are a newbie.. but i just cant believe that pests or major cultural problems are so prevalent ONLY in your garden ...

and a week into spring.. in the northern hemisphere.. this is the second post you have indicated that you have already fertilized things twice plus compost ...

gardening just shouldnt be this 'hard' ...

might one suggest.. that a severely stressed plant.. would NOT be budding out flower buds like that ...

observe.. learn.. but please.. i hope you arent thinking about blasting every thing suggested.. with chemicals.. there just arent that many problems that require action on your part ...

i wish you luck.. on the learning curve ....


ps: i live on mineral sand.. and in the 12 years i have been here.. i have NEVER FERTILIZED A TREE NOR SHRUB.. ... i have a hard time understanding why .. with all the compost you put on.. why you would ever need to fert anything .... let alone twice since winter turned to spring ..... at some point.. one might suggest that hyper fertilization.. is pollution.. as the plants simply cant use that much fert ...

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