Sick Eonymus?

GardenWannabe007April 1, 2013

Greetings, I've planted this Eonymus Japonicus Marieke last year in October. It looked ok until two months ago when the leaves have started displaying this brown edge. No foliage loss, no pests as far as I can tell. There is new growth, but also displays the same brown edges here and there.

I fed it in the last 2 weeks and mixed the soil with compost. Anything else you would recommend?

Thank you.

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I'm thinking this might be cause by fungi. Although these shrubs are adaptable plants and simple to care for, they are susceptible to a range of fungal and bacterial diseases that affect their appearance and growth. This could have been caused by Anthracnos, a type of fungus that affects the euonymus shrub. This disease can result in severe defoliation of your shrub if left untreated. Trim and clean up diseased leaves and branches and for severe cases, spray a copper fungicide.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

my conifer friends in the netherlands.. say spring is late this year.. and winter was cold ...

frankly.. that is what i call winter damage.. and there is nothing to do about it ... and could simply be the result of transplant.. and its first winter ...

i wonder how early you are.. giving it fert and compost.. and wonder if you are not loving it too much with what could amount to a double application of fertilizer too early in spring ...

i have harmed more things with too much love.. as compared to benign neglect ... and never forget.. they are not children.. and dont need to be 'fed' repeatedly ... what you already provided.. is most likely.. good enough thru next late spring ... if not forever, presuming you have a decent soil ....

and if i read this correctly .. new growth has browning edges.. i call that frost/freeze damage ...

as a default.. there arent many bug or disease issues.. in very early spring ... its usually weather related.. either winter damage showing once it warms up.. or warming up early.. followed by cold snaps ... and in regard to the latter ... force feeding it early.. and causing excessive soft growth.. only complicates it...

i wouldnt worry about it ... you cant kill these things if you wanted.. lol

good luck


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Thanks, I'll upload pictures as it gets in better shape.

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That would be great!! Hope it gets better soon..

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