Help! Frog/toad eating amaryllis plant!

lovesgardeningApril 19, 2012

hi all- a friend of mine has had 3 consecutive buds eaten off her plant by a robust toad/frog! any animal friendly advice aside from relocation? It, or its relatives keep returning waiting for the bud to be just right then chomp chomp. a medium sized dark green with with darker spots.I found a very complicated method involving drilling the pot and building a door - please - some easy friendly solutions if they are out there. (she is a firm believer in being kind to all animals)more info: the plant is in a narrow bed near the outside wall of the house in a sunny location, no nearby water features, no nearby debris or hiding places.the frog appears from under the house where she supposes it lives. she has never seen this species around here before and will try to take a photo in the near future if she can.



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Somewhere in the world there might be a vegetation eating frog or toad but I can find nothing about one. What may well be happening is that frog/toad is grabbing an insect on those buds and knocking them off. If your friend wishes to get rid of that frog/toad she needs to trap it and find an environment it can live in to release it. someplace else.

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