Penang Peach has finally decided to open...

Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, VirginiaJanuary 26, 2012

Hello Everyone,

I have had an infloresence on my Penang Peach since i brought my trees inside in November. When i decided to put some trees away, i didnt really think that this inflo would continue to grow muchless stay on the tree. So i decided it was going into the backroom with some other trees to relax for the winter. Well...i finally felt terrible about my decision and moved it under my T -5 setup that i have upstairs. It has taken awhile for it to finally grow and show me what the beauty of this particular variety has to offer. I have always heard of how beautiful the Penang Peach was and really wanted to see it bloom during the summer so i could see the deep colors that we all have seen in photos or pictures from my friends that have this variety.

When i came home from work, this is what i finally found waiting for me. The colors are beautiful but i cant really smell any fragrance. I would assume because of the growing conditions that it is in ( i am certainly not complaining!!! : ) I am so happy to see the colors that it does display. Really, i was prepared to have lighter colors since the time of the year.

Here are some pictures of my Penang Peach and some other pics of my Maya and the crazy mess under the lights!! : )


Some of my trees under the T-5 lights..

Take care everyone!!!


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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

looks great Laura!!


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Gorgeous, Laura! And in those photos the petals look like it's a pagoda-type bloom, very like Jackie or Taj Mahal. What a delight for mid-winter!

Your adenium seedlings are finally sprouted--whew! I was worried that I'd let them get too dry and they weren't viable but five little sprouts are growing in a sunny window now. I'm a happy camper--thank you again!

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Very pretty Laura !!! I can't wait for spring but your flowers help. Maya's looking good. Peg

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Great pics! Everything looks like its doing very well. I finally got a desert rose to survive inside during the winter this year (I guess third time is the charm!).
Thanks for sharing! Always nice to see plumeria blooms inside. Nothing reminds me of summer more than some plumeria blooms!

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Beautiful blooms. It really is interesting how the petal tips are furling over like that. I bet it has great color because you have it right up against the light.

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Laura, going back to my pics of PP from summer (1st inflo on a newly-bought rooted cutting) I found a few that showed that same pointed petal.

This one is either splashed from a virus, or from extreme heat stress:

Your first blooms look like they're a good size.

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Very pretty pics,everyone! Thanks for sharing!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Everyone,

Hi Mike!!

Thank you..How are your plants and trees doing?

Nice to see you here!! : )

Hey Jen,

I am so happy to have these blooms right now. I agree, the blooms do have unique shape. If you look at the pic with the trees under the lights, you can see a inflo from my Taj Mahal ready to open in a few weeks. It will be interesting to see what color they will produce under these lights. I did take another pic of the PP tonight. The colors seems to have changes a little more to a fuller yellow. Makes my day to see them open.

I'm so glad to hear that youur seeds are doing well! I know that you would have no problem!! : ) Glad they have finally sprouted for you!!

Hope all is well with you and your family!!

You are more than welcome!!

Love the pic of your PP. Interesting coloration on the bloom!!!

Hi Peg,

Thanks!!! My Maya is doing well under the T-5 lights. You know that i would always make room for the sis!!! : )
We need to get together soon!!!

Hi ALex,

How have you been?

So glad to hear your DR is doing well!! LOL Third time is the charm huh? I knew you would have good luck!

Hope all your Palms are doing well? We have had a pretty mild winter, but i dont want to say that to loud. February can be a real problem here!

Hi K,

You have a great eye!! I do have my PP close to the lights. I took another pic tonight of the blooms and you can see the color change already. Seems like the original blooms had more color than the ones that opened today. It still is a beauty to me and im so pleased. I dont have any fragrance though. : ( Oh well, i can still enjoy the beauty!!

Hi Kathy!!

Glad you are enjoying the blooms!!!

Here is another pic just taken tonight!!

Take care,


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wow pretty!!!! However, my favorite is your LANI...beautiful

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Loveterriers,

I also love my Lani!!!

Thank you!!!


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

My Penang Peach wants to keep on growing!!

She is pushing another inflo on the other stem right now... Im sooooooooooooo excited!!!

I cant smell any fragrance on the blooms so far, but hopefully i may have the pleasure of some small hint of fragrance...

Wanted to share with you alll!!

I'll post a pic when i get home of the newly emerging inflo. I had to laugh at what we were all talking about when we "Inspect" our trees.. i looked at this stem on my PP and it? is!!!

Take care,


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Hey Laura,
LOOKIN GOOD AS ALWAYS:) I am always so JEALOUS of what you can accomplish(color wise). This year I am going to give those T-5's a try. The indoor care is where this tropical plant addiction kills me! I figure I need that and another HPS light and I should be ok for a few years....UNTIL I NEED TO CUT A HOLE IN MY CEILING! LOL!

I need to get pics of my 2 newest additions....not plumeria related but still pretty cool. I picked up a new Navel Orange and Meyer lemon tree!!

Take care,

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