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us_marineMay 31, 2012

One Avocado. The others fell off.

Promegranate tree

Dwarf Banana's

Jasemine in full bloom

Watermelon :)




Lol this sun flower along with a few tomatoes and corn randomly sprouted up from my garden last year.


Finally getting ripe

Canna's are about to bloom

Idk yet but I might keep this washy.

Coconut palm

The other ones might not make it. The spots did get worse. The trees are alive but neither one appears to be growing.

Good luck everyone.

- US_Marine

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Nice pics! The Succulents in the fountain is a nice idea and all your plants are looking great. Nice pomegranate and banana trees! Looks like you have a lot of edibles!
Your jasmine must smell great! Mine bloomed like crazy indoors but now is making a ton of new leaves and flower buds again! It should be blooming in a few weeks, last year it bloomed much earlier because it didnt bloom indoors.

Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks Alex! :) lol yeah I love edibles.

- US_Marine

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Great looking fruit trees. Mine are so heavy with fruit right now the branches are about to break. Good luck with you coconut palms.

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Thanks chadec! :) The one above seems to be doing pretty good. The spear is coming up pretty fast now. Should be opened or almost opened by July.

I checked the tall yesterday. The spear doesnt seem to be growing taller but is opening now. I'm not sure if I should just return them or not. But thats looks like a good sign. At the least it means it has some fight left. The fronds don't look so good but if it recovers it might be able to put on a few fronds and be ok by winter. I just don't want them to infect the one pictured above or keep getting infected and be in poor health.

- US_Marine

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