First Needle Inflo

wetsuiter(7b/8a)May 30, 2012

Three gal. Blue Pot needle picked up at Home Depot last year. Over withered with no protection. Not bad for year two. This one has better odds of producing seeds since there are four inflo. My larger Med Fan produced only one inflo, so had no chance of seeding.

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Looks great! I hear they are hard to get seeds from, but it would be awesome if it does! The mild winter must have really made it happy!
My Med made an inflo for the first time this year, about 6 of them, but no signs of seeds yet. I think its all male. Oh well, Im just happy it was happy enough to flower!


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That's a pretty quick inflo. None of my needles flowered this year. Good luck getting seed, I haven't ever gotten any from mine.

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I'll try to artificially pollinate with a Q-tip and see what happens. Oh, and those drops of moisture? We had real rain yesterday! A nice, slow soak thanks to the northern arm reach of Beryl.

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