How long to come back from over wintering?

DavesComputerRehabFebruary 13, 2013

I have several pepper plants that I potted and brought in for the winter.. Some held a few leaves and some are just green stalks.. I was wondering about how long should I expect before I see any new growth? And IF I will see any on the ones that are still green but lost ALL leaves.. I'm in NY and they were brought in back in early Oct before any frost. I keep them in south and east facing windows.. I water roughly once a week or when the soil is dry enough that doesn't stick to my finger. TIA

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They should have been growing all along...just not as fast, and more leggy.

If they haven't been growing new leaves / branches at all, I don't think there's much hope.

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I agree with tsheets I dont think they are going to make it, . I have only had luck overwintering plants when I leave some of the leaves on. The plant keeps growing just alot slower. I have seen posts were people trim the plant down to just a stem, but when I do that I have never had them come back. .

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esox07 (4b)

Yes, if they are getting some light and are kept at room temp or higher, they should have some green branches and leaves right now...maybe sparse, but still some. If they got frosted last fall, they may lose all their leaves but unless they got a good Freeze, they should bounce back with new green sprouts all over. If yours are just stumps, they could very well be dead at this point. Is the trunk and branches still green or has it all turned brown?

One thing to consider is that if you keep your plants on a window sill in the winter in very cold climates, they could be getting awful cold right next to a window when there is no sun at night. That could keep them in a dormant state until they get some good light and consistent warmth.

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Thank you all.
Every one of my plants are still Green ad appear as if alive. But Very dormant. The ones that have 0 leaves left still look as if they will bud I can see tiny little sprouts, just growing really slow. I suppose as you say Bruce that they are getting too cold at night. I live in an Old brick house built around 1900 and the windows are original.. No leaks as they are well caulked and all but no Dbl pane.. I took a soil temp this morn and they were at 50F.. It's not going to start getting warm around here for about another month or more. Night time temps have been in the mid to low 20s at night So maybe I should try to figure out a way of warming them up to get them going. I will take another soil temp alter in they afternoon to see if they are warming at all during the day from the sun or still staying too cold.. I'm thinking a good soil temp should be around 65-70F Yes?? I'm in Western NY and even on the hottest days (96F last yr) around here I don't think the soil gets above that and they flourished quite well.. Any good ideas for warming them?

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DMForcier(8 DFW)

Be careful that you aren't over watering. If they are as dormant as you say they shouldn't be using any water and loss will all be to evaporation, meaning the bottom of the pot is already wet when you water. Get yourself a $4 moisture probe, or use the skewer test and don't water until the bottom dries out some.

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Yeah, you're right, DMF, there's probably a swamp down in the bottom of the pots if he's been watering regularly. Been there, done that!!

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