Great Neighbors

ProudMamaSDJanuary 30, 2013

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to share the great news. I took a little walk with my son over the weekend between rain storms and to my delight, I discovered 5 large plumeria trees in someones driveway along with junk leading me to believe perhaps these were a giveaway! We rushed home and jotted out a quick note, the owner contacted me after a few days and now they are MINE! It took my husband and I 3 trips with the ol' radio flyer wagon to get them all home, but they are now in my wonderful posession and will be repotted, talked to and loved from here on out. One or two will also end up in the ground, I believe most are Celadine, one or two she thought might be pinks.

I even found one tip with 2 inflo's forming, hoooly moly!!! Very excited, what a treat.

Here's a picture of a few of the new trees:

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

nice job. They look great.


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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Wow! What a score! How lucky are you? Wish I could take a leisurely stroll and come across such great finds. :)



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Excellent find, how cool!!! The one on the left has really nice branching too - what is that, like 16 tips??? Wow!

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Thanks everyone, it is so fun to have new and unexpected trees. I've been gazing at them, inspecting them, and just cannot wait for Spring to arrive so I can repot them and see what they do. That one on the left is absolutely my favorite, what a beauty! Summer is going to be beautiful!


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Andrew Scott

Hi Wendy. You see, good things happen to good people. This is how I felt when I discovered that 20 or 30 of my plumerias are all going to be blooming in the next few weeks! Looks like I am going to be in bed a lot more than I thought though:( I started swelling really bad yesterday. So bad that it actually scares me. I am just fortunate that I am seeing my neurosurgeon on Monday. Well, I need to get going.

Take care Wendy!


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Three wagon trips? Next time have the little one walk so you can cart more plumerias.

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What nice neighbors to give you such great trees. They look nice and will be a good addition to your collection. Nice catch! Peg

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Very nice, especially potted, rooted and multi-tipped.

There are a lot of large adult trees in our neighborhood and I always expect that unknowing lawn crews or even homeowners might do some pruning and put the cuttings out for the trash. I haven't yet seen this happen but I can't say I don't look out for it :)

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Sheesh, I've got to move some place where I may actually have a neighbor that would even know what a plumeria is! LOL

Great find, Wendy!

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The little one was asleep, K! Those pots are large.


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I was looking at some plumies at HD a few months ago. Another guy came up and was looking at them also. He said his neighbor had trimmed a tree and had a huge pile laying out for the trash man. He told his neighbor he would haul them away for him, so he took them all.

I've heard that's how it's done in Hawai'i also, they just throw them out.

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I believe it, actually a couple weeks ago at the farmers market someone told me while they were doing construction on their home, the guys actually cut down the plumeria tree and threw it off the cliff! This die hard climed down tgo retrieve the treasured plumeria!

And speaking of great neighbors, today at the farmers market I met Don, of Encinitas Orchids, who just put out a great calendar for feeding plumeria! So fun, he was even gracious enough to buy a plumeria. :o) If any of you are in zones 9-10 and are interested in his feeding schedule, let me know and I will sent it on over, it is a great resource in my opinion.


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