Strange white lump on plant roots

Floridaflowers12(8)April 5, 2014

Found this lump on one of my azalea's roots. Full of tiny red bugs. I.D. Please

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Looks like the bastards bit your finger.

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Not my area of expertise, but my guess is root knot nematodes. Can you research and see if that fits....

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The creatures inside are closer to tiny red flies. Also the bandage is because my knife slipped while I was chopping onions.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

the better question is... why did you dig up the azalea to find these ...

was it already dead????

i dont treat for everything i find.. unless it has some impact.. on a living plant .... and if this was the host plant.. it might be irellevant to every other plant in the yard ...

but i do approve of the discovering the mystery.. and am surprised no one has hit the mark ...

you could take some to the county extension office for a full ID ... if you still have them ...


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I was planting a shade garden in the gap between my azaleas and found this growing on the root of an azalea who had been looking sickly recently.

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