Pink Plumeria nice colour

silvermeddleJanuary 2, 2014


This seed grown frangipani is now flowering for its 2nd year and finally has been planted into the ground

hope you like


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Awesome! Wish we could plant these in the ground here!

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what is the fragrance like? roxanne

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The scent is typical of rubra, not over powering, hoping when it gets bigger it will add a nice perfume to my property on those hot summer afternoons

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What a nice winter pick-me-up! I take it you're in Australia? We're dealing with record cold temps here in the U.S. Thanks for the photo!

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Yep in Australia, while you guys are freezing yer butts off we had a day here that was (converting to Fahrenheit) 109.04 degree's and most of my plumeria's in pots had copped a hammering, but they are strong and bounced back with a good watering.

Here is a Plumeria Stenophylla after a rain shower to keep the tropical heat feeling going.

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Very nice looking flowers. thanks for posting. My experience has also been almost daily watering of pots is required when temperatures are routinely above 98 degrees (37 C).

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