My white crape myrtle

sammy zone 7 TulsaJuly 28, 2013

For the past 10 years or so, I have pruned my crape myrtles to 4 feet in the spring, so that I can have color at a time of the year when my rose blooms are small.

Most arborists and nurserymen may think this is bad for the crape myrtles, but I like the effect.

In Tulsa I have not seen choices of size as much as choices of only a few colors. This variety grows to 25 feet, but likes my garden and does not distract from my roses.

Everything I read indicates that this should not be done, but sometimes in your own garden, you can discover how to break with tradition to get what you want.

I just thought I would share.

I previewed the picture. I am showing two white crape myrtles, white roses between them, and red salvia and roses in front. I am not sure how I managed the white reflection, and the other plants are not weeds even though they look like it.


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Okiedawn OK Zone 7


It looks so beautiful. Thanks for sharing the photo of your plants. Your flowers always look breathtakingly beautiful.

It is your yard and you can prune your crape myrtles however you wish. I am glad it works out as well for you. You know, for every "gardening rule" that exists, there is an exception!

It has been hard in the past to find some of the smaller crape myrtles, but I am starting to see more variety in nurseries and garden centers the last few years, with proper labels that describe cold tolerance, height and width, which certainly is an improvement.

I remember "the old days" when you went to buy a crape myrtle and about the only choice you were offered was a choice of red, white, pink or purple flowers and you had no idea what variety you were getting or how tall it would get!


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I think they look beautiful and I admire your composition in the bed.I wonder are the crapes Natchez by any chance? I planted 2 of those hoping to get 15-20 feet in height. I lined a long country driveway with CM , looking for height and width, following a loose color combo of reds, pinks and white in the middle of the line. If you hadn't pruned them would the growth habit still be rounded and bushy or more vase shaped? I'm hoping for the bushy effect.

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