My seedlings...

peppernoviceFebruary 26, 2013

Here's a shot of my progress so far. I have about 30 seedlings ( 5 promised to a friend). I still have about 10 varieties I will be planting in a few weeks. I raised the light a few inches so I could take a photo.


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Here's another shot of the entire group. I just watered them and separated some that had multiple seedlings in one cup.


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Those are some good looking plants Tim! I'm still waiting on most of my super hots to poke their heads out of the ground, but should start to see some in the next day or two.

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Tim very nice looking seedlings. Your season is looking good. Yeah I do the same, some of my seedlings are going to others. I even started black pearl and lemon drop pushing my four plant limit this season to 6. Looking forward to more pics as the season goes on.


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The seedlings are looking good! Is each one a different variety? Wow!! I only have 6 going now.. Alma Paprika which I got through trade with you (thanks again!) is doing the best so far.. it's double the size of the Czech Black (thanks Peppermeister!).. then I just started Numex Twilight & Sweet Bananas mid Feb (thanks Esox07).. plus the Jalapeno & Cayenne overwintering.
This should be a fun year with the different varieties.
Good luck with yours this year!

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Thanks for the nice comments guys. I have about 17 different varieties so far, with about 12 more I plan on planting later.
ab2008 Do you have a heat mat yet? If not, you'll be amazed at the difference it makes. It's an initial investment up front, but definitely worth it in the long run! I can't wait to see pics from all of your seedlings. Please feel free to post any and all pics in this thread.


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I just received my heatmat a few days ago actually, and I have definitely noticed a difference in using it. But most of my hots/superhots have only been on it 4 or 5 days or so. Should start to see something eventually!

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esox07 (4b)

I got my super hots to pop in 6-7 days on about 83 degrees on a heat mat. Interestingly enough, that was the same time frame for my other peppers as well.

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Here's mine.. Back row - Two large ones are Jalapeno on left, Cayenne on right. Czech Black in both light green planters. Front row, larger containers are both Alma Paprika, and two small cups have Numex Twilight and Sweet Banana.

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Nice set up cheezdoodle. Do you get fairly good results with that light? I have two shop lights that I bought at Lowes. They hold two 48" 6500k bulbs. It cost about $20 usd a piece, but I have really good results. I lost one of my favorites today. I was unaware that Yorkie's had a taste for TS Moruga blend seedlings. My wife text me at work to let me know Cooper had ate my plant.I went ahead and put a few more into some soil and put them on the heat mat. I just hope it's not too late. I started my bhuts in March last year, so I guess there's hope.


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Thank you Tim. The lamp in this photo is there by accident actually.. I had to move it from another spot for lack of a wall outlet, and then had to move plants up & out of the way of my cat. The plants sit in the window during the day. Not sure where they'll go once they get bigger though..

Hopefully your Yorkie didn't care for the taste of those seedlings much..

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Here's this weeks update. My seedlings are progressing nicely, all but my Moruga blend. My Yorkie Cooper decided it looked like a good snack. All that's left is the stalk. I've replanted it, and 5 days later it's still green. It doesn't have any leaves yet, but I have given up. If it doesn't do anything in a couple weeks I'll call it a total loss.


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Here's a view from a different angle.


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