New Flower tonnes of scent

silvermeddleJanuary 16, 2014


here is another 1st time flowering, this ones not the prettiest but does have an amazing scent to it

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I actually like the flower! Can you describe it's scent? I'm not always the best at describing plumeria scents. Do you know the name of the variety? What ever it is, it's beautiful! Good growing!


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Hmmm the scent, when I smelt it and then compared it to several others the scent was 4-5 stronger then the other flowering plumerias. Now the scent it reminds my when I was a kid and we had an ice cream called splice which had a creamy vanillia centre and covered with a lemony lime shell, So I would have to describe is as a strong citrus scent, Unfortunately due to moving house and my dog knocking these plants over regularly, the name tag has been lost so Im not sure of the parent plant for this one :(

But this one will be going in the ground before the summer is out me thinks


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After a Summer Shower


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