Let's here about your First Inflo...

Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, VirginiaFebruary 6, 2012

Hello Everyone,

After reading some of the other posts on the excitement of seeing in inflo starting to form... I couldn't help but remember "MY FIRST" LOL... Dont we all remember them?

My heart was beating the first time i thought that i saw something different forming..was it? Could it be? YES!!!

I looked at that tree probably ten times a day when i was home. Then when i was away for work, the first thing i did was to go outside with a flashlight and check on that inflo and all of my other trees! LOL

It is an addiction.. I know!!!

Others do this... i know you do!!

Let here what your experience was like and please show us pictures of your "first" if you have them!!!

Here is my first...

This is my first inflo and it even had a little Praying Mantis keeping the insects in check!!! : )

Here is my first Bloom on my "Noid" tree... i was so happy!!!

I hope you will all contribute you "first" and give us all some beautiful blooms during the Winter months..

We could all use some color around here!!



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Great idea Laura !!! It's hard to explain that first inflo feeling. You know you can do it so bring on more. Just have to get that feeling again. My first ( and only so far) was a free,not very pretty broken branch, but that bloom and smell is everything. It was the first cutting that I managed to root too. It's love at first sight.

Nice way to bright these winter days.

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Anyone still have a functional Zip Drive? I think that picture is on there. Just kidding I'm sure its in a shoebox of photo negatives.

I can say the Common Yellow is still with me after making several moves. It stands maybe 8 ft tall and has about an 8 ft diameter drip line. Beautiful all bloomer from May to October.

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

Well I cheated and bought a plumie that was flowering so that technically was my first, so I will post my first that i didnt buy, LOL.

NOID white

it finally bloomed back in october or november and the flowers lasted almost till Christmas.


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Mike, I cheated too. Here's the first from a plant I bought with inflo:

And here in full bloom:

And here's the first inflo that opened on its own, on a cutting that ultimately didn't root and had to be grafted:

Looks pretty creepy, right? It did get better:

And better:

And this is my first "official", i.e., long-awaited inflo:

Just had to wait a few seasons to finally see these blooms:

This has been a nice stroll down memory lane, Laura!

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Hey all!

Laura, would you accept "first inflo of 2012"? I took this shot of Hula Girl tonight, I think this flower might open tomorrow! OMG!

I'll keep you all posted!


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Andrew Scott

Being a newbie, my first bloom was on my Celadine. I was VERy excited as not only was it my first inflo, but also my first plumeria that ever rooted by a cutting. I hope this link will work.

I got this cutting from Mimi who sadly has jumped ship and is no longer running her forum. I learned a lot there and also recieved some truly awesome cuttings from the mmebers there. Not to leave out all of you here who have contributed to my collection!

I remember staring at that inflo every day wondering how long it would take to open! I watched that inflo day and night and when it finally opened, all I can say is that I was thrilled! That feeling has never changed and I wil always be thrilled with a new inflo!

Laura this was an awesome idea and thank you!


Here is a link that might be useful:

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Everyone,

I just want to thank all of you who have contributed to the "first Inflo" thread... : )

Some of the new people who are having these feelings when they see their first or even the thought that one may appear is so exciting that i wanted them to know they are not alone. We all have the same feeling about what we experience and that is why we all are so addicted to these beautiful trees.

Peg, Thank you for your first flower..it truly is a beauty and i have no doubt that you will see many more this summer!!!


Any inflo is an inflo!!! LOL... Thank you for the pictures of yours. I remember how excited you were with this tree. It certsinly makes it all worth while taking care of these through out the season... Congratulations!!!


You are so funny...Pictures locked up somewhere...OK, You have had many blooms, but i am sure you still have that same feeling as you did when you witnessed your "first" right? Has that changed at all? I still get so excited and want to share with my family, but i will get the look like i am really excited about something they would consider "boring" LOL.. so i just walk my plant line and silently observe with a huge smile on my face.

They do not know what they are missing!!! LMAO!!!
I am the normal one...they are the ones that just dont "GET IT" LOL...


What awesome pictures you have there!!
Thanks for sharing these beauties.. i really love the up close pics of the strange looking closeup.. Its like a "Alien claw" LOL.. emerging from the deep... Only Plumie lovers can see the beauty in those!!! They are wonderful pics..thank you!!!

Its fun to think back and remember...especially for the ones that dont post and only come here for the pictures.

I just want them to know that we all have the feeling of excitement whenever we have a newly forming inflo showing whenever it decides to appear!!!

I have a Penang Peach blooming now, the other stem is pushing in inflo right now. I just cant believe it!!! I wish it would wait..but how do you tell it to !!! LOL..


Love your pics! Yes, any inflo is wanted...you know that!! : ) Thank you for sharing your pictures and for always contributing on the forums!!! You are the best!!


I wonder how many of us do go outside during the summer and check on the trees at night? OK...I do admit, i am one!!! Flashlight in hand. Inspector Laura checking her plants. I know the neighbors think im a little coconut!! But what the heck? I love these.. SO, i really dont worry what they think. When they come over to see my trees, they are the first to say..ohhhh nice!! I just chuckle inside, cuz i know they are watching me at all hours of the night when im outside taking the after work stroll... : )

I hope more will contribute on their fisrt inflos...Seemed like it could be a fun thread since there isnt really much going on right now..

Even if you dont have...

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Andrew Scott

Hi Laura,
YEah, I do the exact same thing. I will sit on my front porch with the light on and hang out with my plumeria....but it doesn't stop there LOL! I do that with ALL MY TROPICALS!! LMAO! I will do grooming, watering, and feeding sometimes at night. It keeps those darn investigators from seeing me do something during the day..LOL!
I all ready am making a list for this up coming year. Plumeria I lost over the winter, and of course a few I wanted all ready.

Take care everyone!

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Hi Laura
Thank you for sharing your story from long time ago!!!
Now I think about that moment, it was a pretty exciting time I haven't had long time in my life.. haha.. it took almost 3 months to bloom from I found a small something on the tip.
It gave me lots of motivation to take care of all of them.:)

Congrats for your 2012 first one. Did it bloom?

Yeah, if it bloomed from a first cutting, I would cry. I tried 8 cuttings from Mimi, but I succeed only Celadine. I will try again this spring.

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kt2fl(okla z7)

Hi Laura,

I finally have one to share! My first inflo has been growing since last December. Here are a few shots of Quandamooka:

Dec 30, 2011

This is what she looks like today:

I also included a 1-min video of my inflo. I hope you like it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Quandamooka inflo

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Andrew Scott

Hi Loveterriers,
Yes, you must keep trying! Sad that Mimi has left us but I'm sure you will find some good cuttings for reasonable prices. Once you get the hang of rooting and growing plumeria, you will become hooked! FAIR WARNING!!! LOL!

Hi K2fl,


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Everyone!!!

I can spell... Noticed that i missused "Here" instead of "Hear" LMAO..
Yes, i was tired and working a long trip...

The funny thing is that it took several times to even notice.. OHHHH WELLL.... : )


You will have more that will root for you..

Keep trying!! It will finally get easier for you!!

Congratulations on your Celadine!!

Hi K2fl,

What a beautiful bloom!! LOVE the colors..

I definately agree with Andrew. IT is a BEAUTY!!

Hi Andrew!!

Well, i just got home from working and went to give my trees the "Inspection" guess what i found?

YES!!! My Penang Peach is pushing another inflo.

I will post a pic for you all to see. But, the other great news is that i noticed that my Thai Elsie and Lavender are both pushing inflos as well.

Taj Mahal will be opening sometime next week.

I am sooooooo excited. It never gets old seeing a new inflo starting.

THis winter has been so crazy with the different temps and i cant believe that i have three trees with inflos already.

Its February... HUH?

Take care everyone,

Lets continue to "hear" what you all can remember about your First...

Thank you to all of the great pictures and post...


Have a great night!!!


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dpolson37(7a VA)

Hi my name is Dave and yes I have a plumeria addiction.
My first bloom was from a cutting I purchased in the ABC store as I came back from Maui. Who would have known that would change my life.

That was in January 2004. I did everything wrong according the textbook way of growing plumerias, but that summer I was treated to eye and nose candy as my as my yellow plumeria bloomed.

That first cutting has since passed on, but I've got 20 others to keep the passion alive and blooming. No inflos yet this year except one that started last year from a grafted Penang Peach from Carol in Florida. We'll see if the inflo survived dormancy.

And yes I admit like Andrew and Laura (aka coconut) that I have been know to occasionally wander through my garden at night with a flashlight peeping on developing inflos. A little trick I've learned is that headlamps work very well and keep hands free to swat mosquito's.

Dave From Zone 7 Tropicals

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

OHHH My...Dave!!!

You actually had me laughing out loud reading your message!!!

Yes, we know you are addicted.. Nice to see you have finally come clean!!! : ) WHen is the next meeting up in Northern VA? I think i need to attend that one and make sure you show up!!! : ) Plumeria Addiction Group!!
You can sign me in as "COCO" LOL...

Thanks for posting your first experience with these beauties... i found mine at the ABC store in Oahu. Then we went to Maui and i was in heaven...

Nice to see that you can look and swat bugs at the same time while concentrating on the trees...

I dont have a "headlamp" but im sure one will be needed this summer. LMAO!! Andrew will need one too! : ) (Greg too!) : )

That is one beautiful pic Dave!!!

Take care,


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I'm totally getting the headlamp this year!!! LOL the neighbors already think I'm a weirdo, so why not?


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hey Greg,

Maybe we can get a group discount for headlamps... Dave has the "in" on those babies!!! LOL...


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Dave needs to give us the scoop, Laura! I am dying to get one and actually have no idea where to turn! REI? Is it camping gear, or a miner's tool?! LOL


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