Question about my palm tree

TiffanyPolli(9)May 24, 2014

Hello all
I believe I have a California Palm. I have two in my back yard, here in Marina CA. The soil is very sandy.
My Dad told me last year if I did not water them they would die. Of course we are in a drought. The tree I am concerned about has always been taller. The fronds appear to be smaller than my other healthier palm, ( I am attaching photos of both for reference)
I bought a palm fertilizer stake product at Home Depot and hammered stakes in about 2' from the base about 8 weeks ago. I have noticed in the last several months that this tree was not very happy... I do not want to lose it and want to be proactive before it is too late. I have them both skinned once a year. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I have a soaker line wrapped around the base of each tree (and all my other plants too) I run it about once a week for an hour, is that too much?
The first photo is the healthy palm
Thanks again!!

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see picture here
Thanks again for any and all input!

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Wether these are California fan palms or Mexican fan palms(they look like mex fans to me) both are native to deserts in North America and are very drought tolerant it may be too much water take the irrigation tubes off for a while to see if that works, water in severe droughts

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