Jalepeno-Choc hab cross

greengrass12(5)February 21, 2011

My jalapenos are extra hot. Not quite as hot as a habenaro but almost and they are good.

Does anybody know if the seeds from the hotter than usual jalapeno will produce like plant or does it revert back to original or what?

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

What do the pods look like?

How do you know that they're a cross?


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Grown from Hart seeds. The pkg says 6-8 inches long.

My jalapenos are 2 to 3 inches long and quite stubby about 1 1/4 inches across the top. Same shape as jalapeno and color is red as shown on pkg. Last yr was an exceptional growing season so there is no reason why my jalapenos would not have grown to at least the minimum 6 inches as stated on pkg.

Can not say for sure that a cross occurred but I have never eaten a jalapeno this hot and delicious as described in my original post.

It just occurred to me that I grew 3 plants so maybe it is unlikely that my stuff got cross pollinated. However could be that Heart sent me their own cross. I am going to email them.

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The pods from a pure plant would only produce pods of that particular variety even if it was cross polinated by another variety. The only way you would have a cross variety is if you grew the seeds from the supposed cross polinated pods. The seeds from the cross-pollinated pod may yield a totally different pepper type other then the parent plants.

But yes, its quite possible that a seed dealer could of sent you a cross of some sort or even made mistake in packaging. I know a friend of mine from across the country bought some Bhut Jolokia seeds and then found out later on in the season that they were something that appeared as a beautiful Carribean Red pepper ;)

Well anyways it sounds like you really those Jalapeno pods! i hope u save some seeds for future growing! and if these Jalapenos are as good as you say they are, send me a few seeds, i wanna grow em too :)


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rdback(Z6 VA)

greengrass1 said: "The pkg says 6-8 inches long."

I would say "don't believe everything you read" *lol*.

The typical size of a jalapeno is 3 inches. There are a few varieties that grow up to four+ inches. Over that, you've got something special and I'd like some seeds *smile*.

As far as heat goes, there are some jalapenos that can be quite hot, like Biker Billy for example, but are not anywhere near Habanero heat. And Jim (shoontok) is correct. You would not experience results of a cross during the same growing year; only with seeds saved and grown in following seasons.

Sounds like you have a tasty jalapeno to me.

Good luck this season.


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Please disregard my last message. I realized shortly after posting that I have been saving jalapeno seeds from yr to yr and that the seed pkge I referenced was actually cayenne.

So I agree with your analysis that the cross probably took place in previous yr. Hope they grow same way again.

Here's a picture of some that look like they may have taken on some of the darkness from the chocolate hab. The one in the middle looks like most of the other ones.

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I had the picture in the hopper but it's not posting.

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