How much tech time do you spend daily?

tobr24u(z6 RI)May 24, 2012

Concerns are rising that many of us spend way to much time with our electronic gadgets than we do with others, such as family members. We might be in the same room but working our gadgets separately. In the good old days we might have all been sharing the same TV show and laughing to the laugh track together. Were those the days? Surely you have an opinion which is worthy of this forum...

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I average about an hour a day on the computer, mostly on forums like this, and reading. That's it for 'gadgeting', I haven't any other devices that consume much time, like a 'smart' phone, no video game playing, etc. When I watch tv it is usually with the wife. Sometimes we laugh at stuff even without a laugh track....

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Ditto PNB, not a lot of family time in front of the TV though, since I am alone here most nights. No other electronic gadgets either.

I check the news online in the morn and evening, check in here see what my friends are up to and work, chores and whatever else consumes the most of my day.

Off to work now .. see ya :)

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes(5)

My smart phone is my receptionist. There's a combination of 622 tenants and employees in my building and they pretty much keep my attention via text messages and voice mails, etc. Rarely, if ever, do they visit my office space. At 5:30 AM this morning, I received a msg from tenant: "g,morning, michael, the radiator hose burst on my car, yucky water all over garage floor,incl neighbor space, please help."space9

When in the building Mon-Fri, I rarely reply to request. I just show up at their office.

The building's lighting and HVAC has remote access and if there's trouble, irregular temperatures, power brownouts, etc., I am prompted via phone message which then leads to taking action, whether troubleshooting it myself or dispatching a repairman to do it.

I'm currently building a new house in Columbus area. While working there on weekends, the phone is my only contact with the office and family.

Friday 5 PM to Monday 6 AM all messages (other than family) go to emergency services operator. That gives me personal time to enjoy without interruption.

What's a TV? We rarely find the time. However we do facetime with grandkids, and will usually read them a bedtime story 3 nights a week. :) Nice gadget!

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It's a little different for us, since my husband makes most of his living working via technology and electronics. He's a night owl, up late taking advantage of freed up bandwidth... and I help him at times with electronic work.

But I, myself, spend most days in and out... working with dogs, plants, and demo gardens. I split my days up so as not to spend too much time in the sun all at once, and to ensure that I don't overdo anything. I can't afford to be sick too often.

We probably average a lot more time online or working with technology than most everyone else here. It pays the bills. In the evenings, I enjoy a good movie or I read books... and we do keep the tv on as background noise. Saturday night is my night for Japanese anime', and early mornings I check in online to see what's happening...

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30 minutes after breakfast
30 minutes before dinner it's raining so a little more time here.

Before retiring I spent at least 2 hours/day on the web at work, as I suspect that some of you also do now.

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Hard to qualify for me. My job is computer stuff, so I'm on my computer all day at work. On my smart phone when not at work. Connected to email 24/7 for work. When commuting on bus, use iPhone for surfing, reading news, etc. When at work, spend lunch time and when I need a quick break from work surfing (often on here like right now!). When at home in evenings, while watching sports on TV with family, on my laptop either here, reading news, checking son's grades/homework (all on line now), shopping, etc etc etc. So, basically all waking hours I am connected through laptop and/or smart phone.

Wow, never really thought about it. How pathetic is that? I remember the days of leaving work and not having to think about work until the next morning on arrival. Those days are gone!

On the other hand, I spend SO much less time driving around shopping for whatever. I buy almost everything (other than groceries) on line. That has saved me so much time and frustration.

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Too much. I'm not a total couch potato yet ..always getting my five plus miles in every day, and I work outside in the garden, but I'm on the computer too much and I watch too much TV. I never have the TV on during the day unless it's a national event or tragedy. I don't turn it on till primetime and then I watch . Always watch Letterman and Nightline plus anything I may have recorded .

I get most of my news from the internet so always go there first thing in the morning, then Facebook, GW, email.

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Hours & Hours there a lot of down time between shows at work. Looking at antqiue roses & plants only has so much interest one of my co workers plays baloon pop games & Jewel quest on our down time she thinks this forum is funny!

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Almost all waking hours I am connected to a computer, the internet, a smartphone, or a tablet. I couldn't imagine living any other way.

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Not much.

I check this forum, another, emails and news and that's it.

I read, including newspapers.

I seldom turn on the televison; if I do, I keep it on mute unless I happen to see something I want to hear, or I watch a particular program.

Life has become too busy to have time to watch television, and more interesting than anything that's on television.

The only time I use my Iphone is to check messages at my house when I'm gone and for a few calls--very few people have my cell phone number, intentionally.

The only time I access the internet on my phone is when I'm out of town or stuck in a waiting area for a long period of time.

I do enjoy being able to look up information and find and order pretty much whatever I am looking for online and have it easily delivered to my front doorstep.

I do not get a group of people sitting next to one another at a dinner table and all of them are separately texting on their phones, but I have seen it.

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....cell phone has no camera or internet capability, do not and will not text. People sitting down to eat and staring at an electronic gadget instead of enjoying their company, I don't get that either. My phone is to make and/or receive a call, if you leave me a message I may or may not get it simply because I never think to check. If the call is important I figure they will call back.

I have a desktop computer, which I share with three other people ... probly' need one of those little machines where you "take a number" :)

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes(5)

Our coffee pot died this morning. You know what that means. Getting a replacement is priority so we visited Kohl's tonight and while considering various machines I noticed a young woman scanning codes and looking at her phone.

What are you doing? Oh, price checking 5 other local stores. There's an APP for that.

Tech won't go in reverse,so I'm not going to buck it.

I forgot to mention the Sync in my Ford. Awesome feature that offers hands free phone and gps.

Oh yeah, we purchased the Bunn Velocity Brew.

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I think Kohls is kind of high (in prices) ... miss Value City wish they had not closed.

I have a back up pot ... it is enamel and sits on a burner on the stove :)

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes(5)

No, the young woman price checked it for me. Comparable at other stores and wife had a 20% Off and $10 Kohl's cash.

It made a perfect pot this evening. We're ready to face another day.

A manual coffee pot? Good riddance!...LOL

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Bunn makes a decent product... we have a restaurant model, two burners. Coffee is a life staple in my house.

See how much attention I pay? I'm glad I checked back in, because doing so reminded me to take my phone off the charger.

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I'm like Demi..very few people have my cell number because I don't want to be bothered. Unlike my son, I still have a land line and with my Fios package can call all over the country. I don't have a smart phone..just a flip top Samsung. I used my cell phone more 14 years ago than I do now. Husband has an iPod touch which is like the iPhone minus the calling capabilities. I'm thinking of getting an iPad because I don't like the little screen. We have a Toshiba laptop which I never have used. Do not like laptops. I have a huge Dell 24 inch desktop which is MY baby.

One holiday last year, I looked around my daughter's living room, and everyone but me and my husband were on their device. Grandson and Granddaughter actually were texting each other across the room on their iPhones. Pathetic. I hate it and told them so. I also hate being in a store and a person is carrying on a personal conversation on their cell. Super annoying and they forget anyone else is around them.

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I don't have an Iphone. I spend probably at least 2 hours per day checking Facebook, e-mail, and the 2 forums I participate in. I also enjoy doing research on the Internet, just for fun. But I don't pay games.

I probably watch about 2 and 1/2 hours of TV Sunday morning, and only 1 hour of morning news during the week day. I read voraciously -- always have, always will. I have a collection of classic films that I watch occasionally.

Despite all the above, I am very active, walk daily around the city or ride my bicycle. I'm more of an outdoor person than indoor.

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