Weekend #2 update

bradleyo_gwMay 20, 2012

It doesn't look like a whole lot of progress, however, I miscalculated how much sod I removed. I measured the other day and it ended up being 1265 sq. feet of sod. I am forsaking the veggie garden in the back yard for now, that bed alone is 560 sq. feet. It will get done after I get the front beds planted. I turned over all of the soil and tilled in 320 lbs. of gypsum and 72 lbs. of greensand. I'm getting 8 yards of mushroom manure tomorrow to till into the front beds. I got done a little earlier than anticipated today, so I decided to build my desert bed. It's a little smaller than my old one but it took 33 boulders and 4 tons of sand and gravel. Here are the pics.

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Wow, sounds like a ton of work, but your plants will definitely thank you for it since you have some great soil now! The cacti bed looks nice already, imagine how nice it will look once everything grows and gets big! I cant wait to see how tropical things look in the summers to come! You have gotten a ton of stuff done already!

Good luck!

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That d-garden will keep the postman honest!

Nice work-now is the time to plant and it doesn't look like your wasting any time(-:

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I don't have great soil yet. My delivery of compost today was cancelled because they ran out of it over the weekend. Getting it tomorrow hopefully. Once I get that tilled in then I can start planting. I actually thought I was doing the mailman a favor. I've always heard not to plant things that attract bees next to the mailbox.

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Everything is looking great! After your last house, I can't wait to see this one finished!

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Good progress. I would also add peatmoss to the tropical beds. I always add peatmoss to my tropical beds because it retains moisture.

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I used to add peat moss, but it is cost prohibitive when done on a large scale. The mushroom manure accomplishes pretty much the same thing except that it also adds nutrients. Peat moss is sterile and is good for tilth, but my soil isn't as bad as I thought. The manure will hopefully work fine.

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