got some new palms/ with pics

chadec7aMay 1, 2011

I guess you can never have enough. And when you see one you just have to have!!! Well I seen a couple, seemed like I had a new palm waiting for me everyday this week when I got home from work. And on Sat. I headed down to the local Lowes and picked up a few new ones.

My bismarkia

My trachy princeps

2 Sabal minor, Trachy f., silver euro. fan palm I bought from lowes.

Thanks for looking,


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You bought some great looking palms!
Although that Sabal Minor looks like a sabal palmetto to me. The fronds are pinnate (sabal minors have fan shaped fronds) and it already has a very nice trunk (sabal minors rarely form nice trunks and more northern forms sometimes never form any above ground trunks at all). The downside to S. Palmetto is that they are a bit less cold tolerant, but the upside is that they grow to be tall and beautiful and they look their best and are the most cold tolerant when they are planted at younger ages.
Thanks for sharing! Keep us updated on how they do!

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Yeah, I thought they looked a little like a s. louisiana with the costapalmate fronds which is why I had to them. Especially since my louisiana's, brazoria's and birmingham's are at less than a desirable size.

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Love S.lou and Brazoria-2 of my favorite Sabals for sure.

My Lou's put out at least 4-5 leaves every year-and that is
from total defoliation!

They are small but getting more hardy every year,they retained some
green leaves this winter as they move into more mature leaf development.

Nice pickup on the palms,those are some beauties!

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brooklyngreg(7a NYC coastal plain)

The sabal minor looks like the Hatterus variety I saw growing all along the SC, NC coast. How much was it, it looks so healthy.

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The sabal minors came in a 15 gallon pot, and were a 100$. I bought so many so I could use a discount card. Its like getting one for free. The windmill came in a 7 gallon. They had sylvestor date palms in 7 gallons, green euros with 2' of trunk and pindos in the 15 gallon. In the 3 gallon pots they had needles, windmills, silver and green euro's,pindos, minors and coontie palms.

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I agree, definitely a sabal palmetto. Should grow faster than a sabal minor though, so that's a plus. Palmettos are beautiful palms anyway. Why are they selling such cold tender palms like Sylvestris and Bismarckia in your zone though?

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I ordered the bismarkia from Cali. Not sure why they are selling the date palms. Most people are not going to realize they are not hardy here and plant them without providing winter protection.

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butiaman(8a Douglasville,GA.)

Lowes does the same thing here.They have 15 gal. P.Sylvestris and P.Rupicola.There no where near cold hardy for here.I wish my Lowes would sell 15 gal. S.palmettos.They had plenty S.minors,it doesn't make any since to me.There are people selling 10ft to 20ft Sabals,so why not any 7 to 15gal.size?I would rather have one the size of yours,than one 20ft tall.I could at least enjoy it at ground level,instead of having to see a telephone pole out my window.

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butiaman, I know what your talking about. I was thinking of ording a sabal palmeto from chilly palm tree co. they have 7 gallons for 65$.

As for what type of palm these are, unless they grow a trunk over 10' I sticking with louisiana. However one does show to be forming a solitary trunk. but a non hybrid of this size would have a much larger trunk. At least I think. Here are a few better photos of the trunks.

Let me know what you think. minor sp. louisiana or sabal palmeto.


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Do you plan on planting the princep in the ground

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statenislandpalm I will wait till the princep grows to a larger size. Besides I'm struggling to decide where I want it.

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Sure looks like s.palmetto to me.

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I have seen sabal palmettos at about that size so I also am sticking with Sabal Palmetto. But time will tell! It would be great if it was a hybrid, but they all have an equal amounts of pros and cons with much more pros than cons!

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butiaman(8a Douglasville,GA.)

It looks like a S.palmetto.The only thing that makes me think it might be some other type of Sabal.Is how it looks like it was growing in one spot and moved over and started growing in a different one.I have a S.Birmingham that looks the same way.It's not a Birmingham tho,Brazorias have a blue hue at that age,which that one does not have.It's growing to upright for a Louisiana.There fronds usually come out almost horizontally when that size.It might be a S.palmetto,but I've never seen one do what that one did.Good luck with it.

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green hill cemetery here in Greensboro has dozens and dozens of mature trachycarpus and seedlings everywhere,and theres alot at the historical museum also.
greensboro historical museum

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How long have they been there. Don't recall seeing them when I was at UNCG?

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the windmills been there for sometime i think,there located behind the building next to the cemetery.There are also big sabal minors.
windmills outside the museum by parking lot

magnolia street baptist church which intersects wendover avenue

page high school in greensboro

cone elementary school in greensboro

spring hill apartments

aycock middle school in of 20 large windmills at the school

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Great looking pics, I wonder why Plant Delights nursery didn't have very good luck with there seeds. They no longer sell seed from Greensboro trachys, but they listed on their palm report that they had severe damage to 1 and 2 died. But they do plant small seedlings out in the open. Anyway I just hope the 11 trachys I have eventually get that big.

thanks for the pics,

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