Not your typical windmill, or is it me?

chadec7aMay 26, 2011

When I bought this windmill 2 and 1/2 years ago the second trunks was only fronds sticking out of the ground. After not protecting this past winter I lost the largest trunk. However the smaller one which has grown at an fast pace has came back from spear pull. But it doesn't resemble any other of my 5 trachy's. It has an unusual amount of frond boots and very little hair. So maybe someone can tell me what sp. this is, or will it grow out of it( which I hope not).

This photo of both trunks back in April.

Photo of the surviving trunk in question.

Thanks for any insight,


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It definitely does not look like a typical windmill palm. It might be a cross between another, or maybe its just the conditions it was grown in. Im not sure, but I have never seen a windmill palm with boots like that. When it has a fuller crown it should be a little easier to figure out exactly what it is.
Good luck! Whatever Trachy you have, it looks beautiful and it should make a nice recovery!

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Needs to grow out a little more but.....
it could be a Nainital,a larger and sometimes
much faster "version" of Fortunei often mistaken
for T.Takil..

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Jim, do they not typically end up with a clean trunk due to the species.

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What about a Takil hybrid?? Or the real deal? Takil supposedly has less hair on the trunk, and the leaves do look a little different from a typical fortunei. Could also explain the hardiness over the other trunk that died.

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Seems strange, I bought the other palm from Lowe's and this one grew out. I didn't think that Costa farms dealt with rare palms but the rate that it has grown means it could be a hybrid. I was thinking the hardiness came from it growing from seed. Personally I think its the coolest looking trachy I have. I will definitely protect it for a couple years since I just transplanted it. Guess I'll be up all night Googling windmill palm photos so help me out!

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Chance of it being Takil is virtually 0%

There are only a handful in the states at most.

The odd thing is the size of the petiole bases
in relation to the fiber,these 2 proportions
are kind of switched around.
This will probably change as it gets taller.

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