Cuttings that have yet to root...

No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)February 8, 2013

I tried to root three cuttings back in late Sept or early October but they didn't root before the weather turned cold. Then I got so busy with the purchase of our home, packing, moving and unpacking that I just didn't get a chance to fuss with them. They have been sitting inside the garage for over 6 weeks. One feels firm. One not as firm and the third is almost soft.

I bought the heat pad... should I put all three on the heating pad and see if they will root? Should I water them or not?

I would be very upset if these don't make it! Thank you!

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kt2fl(okla z7)


I brought back 10 cuttings from Hawaii last Nov and most of them rooted indoors over the winter. I have them in a room with temps at least 65F. I didn't use a heatpad though.

I'd say put yours on the heatpad and don't water them until you see leaves growing on the tips. If you must water, you will have to drip some along the rim of the pot. It might just be the cultivars that are hard to root? Are they reds?


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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)


I'm just not any good at rooting anything even the easiest ones! The 3 I have been trying are Nebel's Gold, Budha Raksa and San Marie. The Nebel's Gold is very firm so I think that one is good. Budharaksa is pretty wrinkled up top so not so good. And San Marie is the most wrinkled and a tad squishy.

They have been sitting in the garage, no lights but the temps have been in the low 60s. I just went out and put a piece of carpet on the ground to make it less cold. Then a piece of tile and then the heating pad. I placed the 3 cuttings on that heating pad and I did NOT water them. Do you think I should buy some lights to shine on them or will they root in the dark?

Fingers and toes crossed. My poor poor babies. So neglected! :(

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kt2fl(okla z7)


I think your Nebel's Gold will root just fine. It's an easy one to root. I have not tried rooting Buddharaksa or San Marie so I can't speak for them.

I like your set up (with carpet, tile, and heat pad). As for lighting, I have mine in a spare bedroom, the only light coming in is through the south facing window but I didn't even place the cutting in direct light. I do have a humidifier running to give my rooted plants and cuttings an environment as close and ideal to their natural one as possible. So you can say that I turned my spare bedroom to a green house lol.

Best of luck with your cuttings.


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For rooting, the single most important thing is bottom heat. Cuttings can root in total darkness. Lights help once the leaves start to grow. I started about 50 or so cuttings rooting back in around September outside. Around Halloween I moved them inside on heat mats. Every one of them has leaves and most have visible roots, and several have inflos starting. In fact, today 2 blooms opened on one (Cool-aid)..

My setup with boxes with bottoms cut out to hold the cuttings upright. The rooting bottles are sitting directly on the heat mat. I rooted in half perlite/half cactus mix.

First bloom of the year (Cool-Aid). Also have a Nassau and Dean Conklin that look like they will bloom in the next day or two.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Everyone!!

Congratulations DelWH!!! I root the same way as you do!! It seems to do well for me too!


I just wanted to chime in and let you know that i still have cuttings that i am trying to root from last fall myself. I have JL Don Ho that i was so worried about because it was late in the year when i received it. It does have a few roots and it has stalled since the temps have changed. Even though i have them inside under lights and on heat mats, they still don't root for me like they do in the summer. But, i have not given up hope and i will continue to watch annd leave them be. I guess i wanted to let you know you are not alone... ;-) tHIS IS THE SAME FOR My Viola G. It was purchased from a seller in CA and verified from a good friend that it is the real deal.. Thank god!! When it was shipped to me, it was in bad shape and was tossed around and was soft and shriveled up. Needless to say, i paid a pretty penny for this beauty and i was sick inside to think i would lose it. I left it lone and let it be like the others during the last part of the summer and it decided to remain in my company.

For this i am very thankful to the "Plumeria Gods.." I think it was because i left it alone to acclimate it from the stress of shipping and it was shipped like a ball in a long box.. worse than what Bill had mentioned about somme of his cuttings that were sent across country to me. He even said the mailman played kickball with my packages and this one was the same. Keep trying and don't give up!! They will come around.. Like Bill always says, leave them alone. It worked for me!!!

Put them on the heat pads, give them a small spritz of water and leave them be... (spritzing is an option..) but i do this on occasion.

Hope this helps.. Please don't feel bad Lynn.. we have all lost cutting and it wont be the last time.

Keep trying!!


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Hi Lynn! I have missed seeing you but am happy to hear that you are settling into your new home. Your yard is going to be spectacular, I'm sure!

I also have some cuttings that have not yet rooted. Last night had been a month or so since I had last checked them over so I was surprised to see that only a very few were showing roots. They are all on heat mats with CFL lighting. Next year I may invest in better lighting.

Unfortunately I have lost the Guillots Sunset you gave me. It was just devastating! The other noid is doing just fine though and had rooted long ago. It has gained no size but continues to do well. I'm just so upset over the GS. So now I guess we're even! LOL

Laura - I will also give a small spritz of water sometimes as well. It seems that some get particularly dry sitting on the heat mats. That small amount of water may not make a difference to the cutting but it sure makes me feel better! :)

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

Thanks you guys! You all made me feel a lot better. I am just hoping they will root because I just want something, anything to root!

Laura, glad to hear you Viola G is still hanging tough!

Mona, no worries I will find you another one. :)

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How in the world did you guys manage to find a Viola G? Glad she's holding up for both of you, though!

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