Did some more pruning the other day

qaguyFebruary 4, 2013

As if I don't have enough cuttings (about 30) from my big
plant, my backyard plants needed some trimming too.

But first, a few more cuttings from my big tree. There were
some branches I had pruned last year and they had 2 or 3
new branches from the base. Sometimes you see things a day
or two after you prune. So off they came.

Hey Andrew....want a handful?

Then I got to work on the others with these results.

And while I was examining things, I found this interesting branch.
It used to be an inflo that grew into a double branch.

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I would love to get some for postage, if any are available. What color are these?

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Looking good "T". Some of those cuttings look like ready made trees already. Good job. Peg

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WOW! You've been busy! Your plants look really good, they should be ready to go come spring!

That's really cool where the inflo turned into branches!

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sbrow156(Cairns QLD Australia)

Yes! You must post another pic when they are all leafy and another when they are all in bloom come spring! :D

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

qaguy thanks for posting the pics!! I have the exact same wall!! And I was going to plant some in my backyard maybe next year when they are a little bit bigger and hopefully handle the winter better.

Can you tell me dimensions of your plumeria bed? Like how deep is your planting space from the wall? And how much space did you leave btw the plumerias? How old are those plumerias?

I left the space of 5 feet away from my wall but I am not sure how far apart I should plant them? Thanks!

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Hi qaguy, I think I live nearby (West Covina). Do you have any cuttings to spare? Would you like to trade? Please let me know. I can swing by so you won't have to bother with mailing. I have alstroemeria (different colors), white calla lilies, and some plumeria (large light pink with yellow center)I can trim. Please let me know. Thank you!

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I'll probably post for cuttings next week. Mail or pickup,
your choice. Note however, the pickup gets the big cuttings.
I'm not planning on sending anything out real soon.

No-Clue - the plants are about 2 feet from the wall and
about 2-3 feet apart. A bit too close to tell you the truth.
I'd leave more space between them if I had a choice.
But then, the spacing was determined by the number of plants
I had at the time.

Plants have been in the ground about 5 years now. Here's
what they looked like in 2008. That's a different wall and
garage next door by the way.

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Wow that wall picture looks awesome.I don't think in zone 8b I can try leaving them outdoors over winter. My only plant didn't overwinter in the garage this year. Love to get some cuttings by mail from you. Gladly pay postage.
A flat rate box would be easier for you, you can just put in whatever fits.

Can I ask are they all the same color? Some look pinkish and some white in the pciture from 2008. I wonder if you have had the time to catalog the cuttings.


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Here's a link to pictures of most of them.

Don't ask me how, but I said 11 plants, but there's actually 12.

Here's the 12th one. Picture is a bit off, there's too much blue.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pictures of all flowers

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

Thank you qaguy! I am glad I left 5 feet from the wall then. But like you I will most like have to plant them pretty close together since I have over 70 plants!

What was the vine on the wall? I thought about putting the vine up but our yard is so.tiny!

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Andrew Scott

Hi Qaguy,
Yes I would love some! I think it would give me a much needed pick me up right now. With my leg being so numb and being only able to handle limited activity, I am starting to get a little down. I knew prior to having this done that there were a lot of risks with my surgery, I just was hoping that I wouldn't have to worry about experiencing them! Please let me know when your ready to ship, and what you want for cuttings and shipping. Thanks for thinking of me and take care.


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Thanks Qaguy! I had actually posted that I wanted to watch/help with your pruning in 2011 but missed it. I am looking forward to see your pruning up close!

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