Calculating pepper consumption for a whole year

trickfox(9b)February 12, 2013

I eat a lot of hot peppers! I made some calculations based on last 6 months of dried red chili consumption and it looks like I ate personally 5 and a half pounds of these peppers in the last year. Since dried weight to wet ratio is approximately 1:5 that would equate to 25 pounds of fresh chilis. That is completely aside to my actual fresh pepper consumption which I dont have a great way of estimating how much I eat in a year. I would say that number is huge, maybe 30 or 40 pounds a year.

It's pretty crazy to think Ive eaten the equivalent of over 50 pounds of peppers each year!

Any other big pepper eaters out there? have you estimated how much you eat?

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Never really thought about it.... I can safely say - wild guess - it's nowhere near 50 lbs a year! Maybe 10 - 20....

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DMForcier(8 DFW)

10-20 is probably about right for me, not counting additives to prepared foods.

This year should be somewhat more since I learned to juice up cheapo hot sauce with chopped fatalii, or whatever is to hand. I eat a lot of hot sauce. Haven't tried making my own yet - maybe this year.

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@DMForcier if you haven't made your own hot sauce yet you really should! It's fast and easy and tastes delicious. This Habanero hot sauce by Rick Bayless is ridiculously delicious and fiery hot:

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Definitely start playing with hot sauces! That was one of my main motivations in getting into hotter peppers. I tell you, I've made some terrible concoctions in some of my experiments, but, I've gotten better (still have a long way to go too), IMO. It's a lot of fun playing with sauces.

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DMForcier(8 DFW)

Well I guess I meant "salsa" more than "hot sauce". But that link leads to a good-looking recipe, and I'm glad to have found Rick Bayless' site. interesting looking stuff! Thanks.

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