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reddingJuly 25, 2011

I was trying to put this new photo up and the system doesn't want to allow it. It says I've already posted to that thread. I know, but it does it a lot. Sometimes there will be 4 or 5 posts after my latest one but it still won't allow it. What a drag. I had to start a new thread to be able to get away with it, whether I refreshed the page a dozen times or not. Grrrrr.

I've taken a new photo of the mystery wildflower so you can see whether it's ironweed or not. It's about 4' tall when it's free of the entangling roses. Maybe it just took on that tall size because it's getting water from the veggie garden? The photo make it look more pink that it actually is. The color is actually closer to the vivid blue-lavender of a lot of the asters.

If it looks interesting, should I try to save seeds from it for you?


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When you get the message that tells you that you already have a post by that name, just go back to where you typed the message, and change the title by adding something to the end of it. I usually leave the title the same, but put something on the end, usually just a number.

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Ah. Okay, thanks, Carol. I hate to start a whole new thread on the same topic just because it won't let me post something, but Jeanie finally had to do that with the wildflower thread when it got so very long. I'm glad she did!


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It will take 150 messages before it stops you from posting on the thread. When we do a winter seed swap, and a Spring Fling, we usually use two or three threads for each.

Another quirky thing is when you are the first poster on a thread, you may not see the blocks at the bottom for the Optional Link URL, but if you hit "Preview", they will show up on the preview page and you can add them at that time.

Sometimes it will let you post a second posting on the same thread with the same topic, but some time must have elapsed. I suspect that the program looks at both messages and compares the time before it allows the second one. If not, we would get a lot more double postings than we do.

I hope that is making sense to you. (haha) Maybe this is better: If two post have identical titles, and difference in posting time is 30 minutes, then post. If less than 30 minutes, reject post. I don't know their times are rules, but the program logic would be that if 2 post have the same title, then it is likely they have hit the submit button more than once, so reject. If a set amount of time has passed, then post because it is probably a different message. To beat the system, you just give it a new title or add something to the title (which is really a new title) and it tricks it into posting.

Oh, and if you are the original poster, it may not have any perimeters to stop you. Clear as mud????

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Yup. I'll have to direct Dawn (or maybe it was Janet?) over to the new thread so they can find the photo.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

I change the titles all the time because I often think of something else or need to correct myself after I have already hit submit.

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maybe beebalm?

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Nope. I have a whole bunch of bee balm in the flower garden, and this is nothing like it. Good thought, though. Same sort of upright single stems and leaf type and placement. Just not the same thing.

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cjlambert(6b Tulsa)

Looks like ironweed - Vernonia sp.

great butterfly plant - definitely hang on to it!

Here is a link that might be useful: ironweed

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