my star player !

rodnebridges(7b)February 12, 2013

I know I keep goin' on about the TScorps, but this is my first year growing the super-hots so I'm excited !

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Looking good! In a few short months, you may be regretting your decision to grow that beast. :)


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Yep, I see smoke rising already.

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i also have a lot of plants started in these smaller solo punch plastic cups. I know of quite a few people that use these and then move to the larger red solo cups.

I'm wondering how hard it is to get the plants out when translating.

rodne, do you plant to move them outside into dirt or maybe do container with a mix? im still on the edge and haven't decided for myself yet.

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Well man I wish I could offer some practical advice but being this will be my first year growing inside (mostly) I can't tell yet. In past years I just threw some seeds in the ground and whatever happened,happened. I've moved since those days and my new environs call for new techniques. I say "mostly" because I got a little nuts with the germination and some of them will likely have to go outside. So to answer your question, there will be some container action and some outside action. Let's compare notes and see what works ! I don't really have a soil mix formula, I just use whatever dirt is available at the moment.

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I also use these cups for germination. These are nice, because you can actually see the root growth. Once the plants get too big for the cup, I replant in a larger pot.
It's a simple method. I just rotate the cup in my hand while turning and applying pressure to the outside of the cup. Ideally, the whole mass slides out onto the table. I then make an indention in the soil of the new pot. Place the entire mass(plant,root ball,dirt) into the indention. You may need to add a little soil around the top. Then water. Good luck!


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