Plumerias in Israel

CsobiFebruary 11, 2014

I live in Israel and I would like to buy some Plumerias. Is there anyone, who could sell me 1-2 cuttings, or knows any shop, where they sell it? I'm also thinking about ordering seeds from eBay, but I don't need that much. If there were somebody, who also want to buy, we could order together. I don't really speak Hebrew yet, so I have difficulties looking for it alone.

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Hello and welcome to the forum! It's the slow season here in the US still so there isn't as much activity on the forum, in the growing season there is much more activity!

There are many very generous people here on the forum who would be happy to give or sell you cuttings, however for the average person here we don't know much about completing the phytosanitary certificates needed for import to other countries - if not done correctly the plants will be confiscated. A business more so than a regular hobbyist might be more versed on the import process.

I found this information online so you may start here and do some more research on what Isreal requires to get plants mailed to you. Also, I would look into if there are any additional taxes, import fees/ duties that might be imposed to avoid any hassles:


Here is some of the general material on import:

Importing plants and plant products into Israel, either commercially or in passengers’ ‎personal baggage, is subject to permission by the Plant Protection and Inspection ‎
Services (PPIS) of the Ministry of Agriculture. ‎
Permits are required for importing fresh produce, plants, plant products, seed, ‎
propagation material, and biotic material.‎

Plants and plant products may not be brought into Israel ‎
without a permit issued by PPIS ‎

An import permit should be applied for on the proper form (according to import type), submitted to the Import Department of the PPIS at Bet Dagan, by mail or fax.
The application should be submitted 45 days before the required date of import.‎

Information regarding import permits, phytosanitary requirements and the proper way of filling the application, may be received from the contact person.‎
An Import Permit will be issued for an approved application.
The Permit will include the import terms for the specific product, additional importation terms, and requirements for ‎additional statements ��" all according to the PPIS decisions. The statements should appear in the health certificate accompanying the shipment from the country of origin. ‎
When ordering vegetal material from abroad, a copy of the Import Permit should be sent to the suppliers, so that they are able to comply with all the conditions specified in that Permit.‎
In case the application for Import Permit is denied, a denial letter will be sent, specifying the reasons for the decision.‎ For details concerning the release of goods, see Inspection of Imported Shipments.‎

Import Permit for fresh produce, plants and plant products

Application for Import Permit of plants (propagation material except seed, potted plants, etc.), fresh produce (fruits, vegetables, spices, flowers, ornamental branches), and plant products like dried flowers and ornamental branches, growth substrates, dry spices, nuts, etc., should be submitted on the proper form ‎(not the one used for seed). See Forms.‎
‎ ‎
Import Permit for seed
An Import Permit for Seed is issued for true seed intended for growing
and multiplication of:‎
• Vegetables
• Field crops
• Flowers
• Spices
• Trees
• Ornamental plants

Application should be submitted on an “Application for the Import of Seed” form.‎
When applying for the import of vegetables and field crops, the variety name must be ‎specified. An application for a variety that does not appear in the “List of Varieties ‎Permissible to be Sold in Israel” must be approved first by the proper bodies ��" the Extension Service of the Ministry of Agriculture, and the Seed and Nursery Stock ‎Certification Service of the PPIS.‎
For information concerning the List of Varieties Permissible to be Sold in Israel,
please get in touch with the contact person.‎

Import Permit for biotic material‎
The term “Biotic Material” includes invertebrate organisms (insects, nematodes, worms, etc.), microbes, fungi, viruses and soil.‎
The importation of such material is forbidden by the Plant Protection Law, Regulations for Importation of Plants ��" 1970, due to the risk involved of irreversible damage to man, to agriculture or to the environment. It is possible, however, to apply for a permit to import biotic material from an proven and reliable source, under restrictive conditions and in a limited amount, for purposes of research and development.‎
Application should be submitted on a special form.‎

For further information see Importing Biotic Material ‎

Be careful buying from foreign sellers on ebay, although there are some trusted ones that people here may be able to direct you to. They would be more experienced on what's needed for phytosanitary & import.

Good luck & don't give up - I'm sure someone can offer more advice!

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