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bradleyo_gwMay 9, 2012

Just moved in a week and a half ago, from the coldest 6a in America in Dubois to maybe one of the warmest. My new location has only experienced 3 below zero days in the past 20 years, with all 3 occurring in the past 5 years. On average, my new climate is 6F warmer day and night 24/7/365!!! In reality there have been many days with 15 degree differences. Every rose has it's thorn though, of course. I moved to a smaller, wetter yard with a slope, no lake view, more humidity, more traffic, etc...

Anyways here is what the house looked like on inspection day.

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Very nice new house! Glad to see that you are still going to be making nice curves with the grass. Should look great when it's all finished just like it did with your old house! Looking forward to seeing how it all looks by the end of the summer! Looks like your palms made it through the move very well. Your house should be a home again in no time!
Thanks for sharing! I hope you get the time to do your planting this weekend!

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I'm a curvy type of guy! No planting this weekend. Just backbreaking sod removal...hopefully.

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