Trachycarpus martianus

butiaman(8a Douglasville,GA.)May 23, 2010

I was thinking of buying one off ebay.The seller MB-Palms23 says it's cold hardy from zone 7-10,but it also says it's cold hardy to low 20s only.If it's even hardy to zone 7b,we get down in the mid teens from time to time in winter.Last winter temps. fell to 12* for two nights back to back,this is not normal for us but the mid to high teens occur often.Most of the time or normal lows are in the mid to low 20s.Is anybody growing one in the ground,and how cold hardy really is this palm?

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Looked it up. My guess is that its as cold hardy as other Trachys. And with that it should be protected for the first 2 or 3 years. Go for it.

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Ive heard that its one of the more tender Trachycarpus and gets damage around the 20s. If you are willing to give ti good protection, I would definitely go for it. I hear better things from princeps which is a really beautiful palm that is suppose to be equally as cold tolerant as the windmill palm.

Good luck!

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I have a nice sized one but keep it protected from hard frost in winter. They are not supposed to be nearly as hardy as T.fortunei or T. wagnerianus. I would err on the side of caution.

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butiaman(8a Douglasville,GA.)

The seller wanted $15 for one,but I got him down to $10,plus $7 for shipping.I figured $17 is a good price for one of those palms.I like the way they look,they look more tropical looking than any other Trachycarpus palm I have seen.I like the princeps,but there pricey for no bigger than they are.At least on ebay.Thanks for the info.

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Def agree w/ tropicalzone and njoasis. not close as hardy as Fortunei - Chusan but def a hardy palm when large and acclimated but I think its native to somewhere in India. Very nice looking palm I am not growing one but if you protect it especially really good during the first few years I bet you could have a very nice looking palm, good luck! -Justin in VB

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I stand corrected on its hardiness. Nonetheless, I still say go for it. Good luck.

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Have not heard of Martianus being hardy past low 20s.

I have had a lot of trouble keeping one of these alive,I have a nice one from the same seller-they sent me a big one!-for the price(-:
I think it may need a little wind protection because of it's more open growth habit-worth a try though.

One caveat is they tend to be a little slow while they are small(maybe even when bigger),this may be the determining factor
in their survival as recovery from spear damage may be to slow for adequate recovery-all that said,go for it!

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We had a freeze here in southern California 2007 where it got to 25F for over 7 hours in my front yard (nearly unheard of out here)... burned the hell out of the T martianus, latisectus and nanus (nearly killed all three)... but did not touch the T 'takil' (probably just a fortunei variety), wagnerianus (another fortunei variety) and my supposed Trachy princeps nova.

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