Any Ant Experts Out There?

summerstar(Z7VA)April 21, 2013

I'm having trouble with ants in my garden shed. They love to set up nests in anything like straw or any loose, dry material; even burlap! Do you know the name of this type of ant? It would help an awful lot if I could identify them so I can treat my shed with the right product. Not all ants respond to the same bait. They take up residence in my shed every year. Having this many ants around isn't good. I've done some checking on the internet but thought I'd posting here first would be best. Thanks much.

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Are these ants large and black or smallish and red? I've not had ants take up nesting in anything dry since they need moisture.
Boric Acid is the poison of choice for controlling ants, mixed in either sugar water or a greasy something, but some recipes call for too much which can mean the ants never get back to the nest. Recipes I have seen suggest mixing anywhere from 1 to 5 percent which is not very helpful for most of us.

Here is a link that might be useful: ant baits

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These ants are medium small and dark brown I think. I never looked at them up close. I have firewood stacked about two feet from the garden shed and ended throwing about half the firewood into the woods next our property. The ants had eggs under the bark of the wood and they got into the inside of some of the pieces! I wasn't going to bring that into the house. And in the shed I threw out two garbage bags full of stored straw cause they set up nets in both bags! They're awful!

I don't know how to describe them. I think they are the same ants that get into the house and love sugar, but I can't be positive about that. They're about the same size as those I find in the garden shed. They're elsewhere in the garden too. They are usually busy running around in long lines on the sidewalk in the backyard, moving their nests from place to place. Wish I could give you more info.

If anyone else knows what kind of an ant this is that makes it's home in dry material, I'd sure appreciate hearing from you. Thanks much.

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