bugs on Angel trumpet

smellsassweetApril 24, 2008

I have these bugs, but can't seem to find out what they are. They look like miniature grasshoppers, and I mean miniature; they're about a an eighth of an inch long, as thin as a pencil stroke; light green in color; they fly, hop, crawl; there's hundred and hundreds of them; the leaves on my angel trumpet look like lace but there's no damage to the flowers or buds; anyone know what these pests are and how to get rid of them without hurting beneficial bugs?

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If you are sure these are pests a spray of insecticidal soap, 1 teaspoon of soap (not detergent) in 1 quart of water sprayed onto these insects may help. Since this insecticidal soap has no residual affect and it must contact the target insect it is considered relatively safe in the garden.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Grasshopper nymphs look just like their 'parents' when they hatch from tiny eggs, though much smaller. But without wings, which appear only when the grasshoppers become adults. Are you certain that you've seen them fly? Anyway....there shouldn't be any mistaking these little guys; a grasshopper is pretty distinctive. There ARE other critter that resemble hoppers, but aren't an exact match. SO! Do you think that you have a mess 0' grasshopper babies?

The nymphs also eat the same food sources as the adults, which would explain the 'lace' appearance of your plant.

What Kimmsr means by 'soap' is a true soap derived from fat or oil and not dish soap, which is really a detergent. (Most people wouldn't even know where to find a 'real' soap.) I'll suggest that you simply find some insecticidal soap (which is a real soap much better suited for this purpose), and follow the directions on the label. Insecticidal soaps can be found in any garden center or garden supply outlet.

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Kimmsr & Rhizo; Thank you so much. Rhizo, as far as if they're really flying, I don't know because they're so tiny. All I know is that when I shake the plant, they appear to be flying in my face. We always have a good breeze around here so its hard to tell if they're just jumping up and getting caught in the breeze or really flying. And because they're so tiny, I just can't tell if they have wings or not. But thank you for the info about the soap.

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You can find "real" soap at your grocers with Fels Naptha and Ivory, but many of the vegetable soaps, Dr, Bronners Castile comes to mind, also will work. It is the fatty acids these soaps have that do the job and detergents do not have them and it is a shame the "great consumer protection agency" the FDA has allowed the "detergent" to be dropped from the labels.

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