Do These Calluses Look Ok?

elucas101(8)February 25, 2014

Hey everyone! I need your advice - I just received these cuttings from Kara at Plumeria World and
I want to see if you think these calluses are ok.

The reason I ask is because the one on the left feels pretty callused but where you see the shadow
there is a gap where it has pulled away - the one on the right feels more callused than the left but
it is all chewed up around the edges - does that matter? Should I cut and re-callus either or both of these?

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I would be worried about all that separation, but then I worry about everything. :)

I recut one of my cutting because of pith separation.

Can't wait to see what others have to say about them.

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Thanks for your reply Moonie - I'm worried about the separation too...I usually get better callused cuttings from's hard to see but the one on the left is also at a sharp angle, whereas the one on the right is straighter.

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Hey everyone! I have examined these cuttings and I'm going to re-cut. I'm just too doubtful of the calluses this way and they're plump enough to tolerate a cut I think. I can't risk it, my gut tells me these aren't good enough.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Emily...

I would cut as well..

Did you email Kara?

I bet those cuttings are healthy and will handle this new cut. I'm sure they will callous well with your touch...
What are the varieties? ;-) inquiring minds. Lol!!!!!

I'm sure they will root beautifully!!!

Take care,


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I'm with Laura, what varieties did you get? I had to re-cut some of mine that I received from a different vendor once an I developed better callouses than they did. I always feel more confident while rooting when I have a good callus.

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Hi Laura and hi Kim!!! That makes me feel a LOT better that you guys agree and would cut also, thank you so much!! WHEW!

I haven't emailed're right, I probably should. Usually their calluses are much better than this. (Also, just to let you all know - Kara said they have WAAAAYY more than what's on the website, if you don't see it just email her and she'll check.)

They are very healthy cuttings and they bled quite a bit when I cut them. I'm an iffy callus-er but I felt like I had to do it & I guess it's good for the practice, right? haha! I cut, dipped the end in rooting hormone & then have them in a pitcher with mulch in it, the ends barely touching the mulch, and all on a heat mat. And I check them every day hahaha!

I also have 2 other cuttings I just bought that didn't have very good calluses on them & I potted them up but was just not confident about them & sure enough they were starting to rot. I caught it in time though and re-cut, so those are in the pitcher with these 2! (Impulse buy - Artistry and Scentsational)

SO, the two varieties I couldn't resist...BILL MORAGNE and JEFFERSON'S GOLD!!! I'm really excited about these, I have wanted both of these for quite a while!

Thanks again ladies, I really appreciate the replies!

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E- from what I've heard... not personal experience... Bill M is hard to root so I would definitely get a good callous going before attempting to root it.

I would love to have Bill M. He is on my list. :)

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Oh billy boy -- I would love to try him again. I heard it smells like grape koolaide and me likes grape flavored things. :)

My Bill Moragne that I got from BBB was only cut about 7 days before I received & planted it. Didn't have a good callus an it still rooted. I wouldn't necessary say its hard to root, just a bit slower that's all. ;)

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I would recut and dip in rooting powder then callus. Kara sends such healthy cuttings that they will never miss a beat.

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Mona, I thought I had heard that too, I wasn't sure so thanks for the reminder! Better safe than sorry, for sure. I hope you're able to get another Bill M. - I'm excited since this one looks so incredibly beautiful, it almost doesn't look real in the pictures!

Ya know, Upland has Bill right now for $20 but they want $18 to ship 2 cuttings! I think that's too expensive and plus I've never bought from them before although I know people on here do. Their shipping costs really turned me off though. I knew I'd get fabulous quality from Plumeria World - seriously, I am always really impressed by the quality Kara sends, just as K states in his post. So I paid $35 from her because I knew it would be top notch. They only charge $8 shipping for one cutting, $11 for two cuttings which is VERY reasonable.

Kara also told me they have 300 varieties so if it's not on the website send her an email. I'm ordering a JL Hawaiian Sunset from her which was not on the website!

Kim, that's so interesting you were able to root him without a better callus! I might have left that one alone if it hadn't separated like that. MMMMM, grape Kool-Aid! I hope I get to experience that!!!

K, thanks for the feedback - I did exactly that and so far they are both looking excellent! I totally agree, Kara really does send fantastic cuttings and these two are no exception. I'll post more pics soon!

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