Eggs for everyone?

Tavimh(5)February 22, 2014

Rooting cuttings with the egg method worked so well that I wonder if a plant would benefit from a egg when potting up, or even just re-potting. My two NOID cuttings have put on a lot of growth even through the winter and they rooted in record time.

My mother and I were thinking of starting some seedlings and giving some an egg when they get up to a 6" pot to see if they do better than the others. If eggs work well for plumeria I may be sharing out eggs for my citrus too. Eggs for everyone! :)
Thoughts? Experiences?

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The only experience i have with the egg method is that one time when I sat an egg out to let it cool down before potting it, then I never used it. My husband asked me a week later why there was an egg sitting in a potted plant. :)

I keep meaning to give it a try.

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