apple tree fungus (w/ photos)

mituskoApril 28, 2007

Hello... So I've been renovating an old orchard. I cleared away the nettles from the base of an apple tree and found this:

the rest of the tree looks fine:

What is this fungal disease? Is the apple tree doomed? How should I treat it? Everything else in the orchard is Prunus & various ornamental shrubs - are they too in danger? Will the fungus remain in the soil if I remove the infected tree and replace with other Malus?

thanks for your help! I live in the English midlands btw

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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

Not a fungus. Instead, woolly apple aphids.

To be certain that's correct, squish some of the woolly stuff. If it's the woolly apple aphid, you'll see a purple stain.

If so, they're specific to apples. The bad news is that they are also on the reoots.

Even so, my several apple trees with these aphids were still productive when I moved and the trees were about 15 to 20 years old.

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Yes, that's exactly what it is! Thanks a lot - I saw white fluffy stuff around trunk wounds and assumed fungus.
*wipes purple goo off fingers*

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