Central Texas plumeria meetup

jandey1(TX8)February 10, 2013

Spring is nearly here for those of us in south and central Texas!

Several of us are meeting up at a nursery north of San Antonio on Sunday, February 24th to swap plants and chat about our spring plumeria plans.

If you'd like to join us, let me know by email or here on the forum.

We're meeting at noon at Water Gem Gardens in Marion, TX. Last year they had a selection of Jungle Jack's plumerias on site and may be getting more later in the spring. I believe they also have larger plumerias in their greenhouses, too.

See you all soon!

Here is a link that might be useful: Water Gem Gardens

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I can't wait to see everyone. I have always wanted to go to the Water Gem Gardens Nursery. Barbra

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I'm looking forward to seeing everyone also! They are such a neat little place, you'll love it. If I can scrape up $55 I'm pretty sure I'll take home a JJ's Whirwind if they have it in stock :)but of course I have to see what they have first!

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I got kicked out of there last year for doing a cannonball into the huge Koi pond on a really hot day. Hopefully they won't recognize me. :)

jokes of course. I'll be there.

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k - Those koi cost a 1000 bucks each. They're going to remember you! :)

Seriously, though, I must be very chintzy. $1000 for a koi?

I'm poor, not cheap.

Wish I could join ya'll.

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Looks there should be a good-sized group this Sunday! Can't wait to catch up with everyone on the next growing season!

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Looking forward to it. I should have some cuttings for trade or promise of future trades. I checked for ripe seed pods and none are ready. Provided I can use Saturday or Sunday Morning to prune I hope to bring Penang Peach, Jeannie JR (first dibs for E.), Dean Conklin, Rose Red, Celadine, Aztec Gold (Attack Gold in Thailand) and Give Away Pink.

Barbra, I can swing by your house and give you a ride if you like.

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Wished I could make it, but I have to work. Everyone enjoy & pics please!!!


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

LOL. I remember that "attack Gold.." :-)

Have a good time you guys!!!

I wish i could be there to share in the fun and join the "cannonball contest.." I can wear sunglasses..

K....If you get into trouble, Jen.. just find K's wife and tell her to buy another bag!!! :-)

Have a GREAT Time!!

Barbra, Emily, Jen, K, and any others joining you all... Please llet us know what you find!!!

We will be waiting and drooling... Still smiling about Attack Gold....

Take care,


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What girl doesn't love a good gold attack? LOL!

K, I have a couple things for you, too.

See y'all tomorrow!

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She was really bummed we were not meeting at the outlet mall this time. "A" has no interest in me coming home with a Koi fish versus a new purse for her.

Here is the garage box o cuttings that I will bring. Its a mix bag of breaks, cuts, and a few middles. I might have some time to grab a few more in the morning.

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OMEHGERRDDD, looking forward to tomorrow!!!

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I had a really nice time at our meet up! It's always really nice to see everyone. The weather was pleasant and the Water Gem Garden is a really cute place. I snapped just a couple of pictures to show some of the nice little ponds they have.

I wish i had gotten one of all of the koi they have - I never did make it back to the tanks.

The entrance area with a large pond and little bridge.

Another little waterfall / pond area:

They didn't have a whole lot of plants out right now but normally they have tons of water plants and pond fish.


Some really cool ducks / birds of some sort they had there: Some pigeons were in there too.

We found their secrdet hiding place for their plumeria storage and unfortunately it wasn't pretty. K found a couple of plants and Keith found one plant but the rest either weren't marked, were way too leggy or were just in bad shape. There was a pile of bigger trees that were just thrown in a heap on a piece of cardboard, left to bareroot it through the winter. One was a large California Sunset, but again, not in great shape and they weren't marking anything down. The ones they had for sale were all $49.99.

So while we didn't really score there, thanks to K, Jen and Barbara no one left empty handed! I got some AWESOME cuttings - thanks K!!! And I got 2 lovely plants, a Meyer Lemon seedling, ornamental peach & a rooted Brugmansia cutting (potted it up last night!) Thanks Jen!!!

We will call the nursery again in a few months & maybe head out there again when they get a brand new shipment so we can get the best pick of fresh plants.

Fun times!

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Six of us made it plus two little ones (Jandy Jr. and KMS Jr.). Jandy, elucas, Barbra, Sirkeith and wife, and me. Barbra and I rode together. Its great to have her along and not just because she brings her front row parking permit. :)

Jandy JR and KMS JR found the ubiquitous nursery cat and made sure she got lots of attention and probaby a few grapes and cheeseballs too.

They had not brought their in ground Plumerias back out but still had them in an obscure corner of a storage/greenhouse which it wasnt intended for us to be in but we were on a mission and won't be denied. They were just sitting on cardboard bare root. I was surprised to see that they just pull them out of the ground and left the leaves which IMO would dehydrate them (which they were).

There were also about a dozen JJ 5 gallon plumerias still there. Most were the "premium X" or had the labels missing but there was one Mini Devine with 8 tips and 2 starting inflos (went home with Keith) and a very thick Southern Cross with six tips and a Thumbilina with 6 or 7 tips (both went with me). Barbra made sure I got some sort of discount for buying two plants. Jandy also gave me a two tip ETLD so now the correct answer on her Seedling Challenge is 30. She also gave me a very healthy Moragne #78 (Kelly I think). Also some Pride of Barbados Seeds.

I went there with a box of cuttings and gladly departed with it empty to fill it up again as I pull mine out of the greenhouse and prune for shape. Everyone left with multiple cuttings of Rose Red, JL Penang Peach, Dean Conklin, JL Candystripe, JL Lei Rainbow, Aztec Gold, Jeannie Moragne Jr, NOID white Pinwheel, Celadine, and Giveaway Pink. Most of those cuttings were taken this weekend so please let them callus over. If you are not sure if its ready let me know.

Thanks to Jandy for organizing (again) and for everyone who made it out there. I enjoyed it and look forward to the next meeting.

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keithbnimble(z9 TX)

I appreciate the effort that went to putting the meeting together. It is always nice to meet with fellow addicts, ur I mean enthusiasts. I scored big time with the giveaways. Since I am just getting started with keeping plumerias I got quite a few from kms2

I would really like to see a workshop type thing. Maybe how to transplant them and how to mix your favorite soil (or soiless) recipes.


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keithbnimble(z9 TX)

Double post. Sorry.


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It was wonderful, now I want a pond in my yard. K and I saw coi fish that range from $25 to $1800 each. Their colors were magical, some fish were the colors of blown glass, they did not look real.. The man that worked there took extra time showing us all the diffrent pond fish. He was great.! The children never seemed to get bored, they even showed interest in some of the beautiful snapdragons that outlined the entrance of the nursery. Barbra

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Always so fun to see my plant friends! The time just flew by, and I shamefully lost track of my Jr. many times as he rushed around all the ponds. K and B, thanks for looking out for him!

Barbra, he loved the snapping dragon demonstration!

Keith, the workshop class was last spring at K's and he showed us how to wrestle the big ones out of their pots, and how to mix the soil on a big tarp. He uses a combo of sand, perlite, MG potting soil (I think) and some other stuff for his big ones.

Emily, thank you for taking pics! I remembered the camera, but not the battery. :( We need to get together more often because even after two hours of non-stop gum-flapping I still don't feel like we covered half of it!

Let's shoot for maybe mid-May for the next one? If Water Gem Gardens doesn't get more JJs in, then there's the nursery in New Braunfels Barbra recommended.

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