Garden in disrepair!

link8879April 12, 2012

Ive just started my garden a few weeks ago and everything is dying.

My carrot sprouts are actually ok, but they haven't changed in size in about a week (they are 1-2in)

I have three bean sprouts and two are doing fine but one had its leaves eaten.

My tomatoe plant is yellowing and has been getting eaten at night by dozens of Rollie pollies.

My bell pepper plant has been the same exact size for almost two weeks and hasn't changed at all (I may just be impatient though)

And my basil leaves are yellow and brown and being munched on.

And the worst may be my strawberry plants. Half the leaves are solid brown. And I have no idea why. One had a berry but Rollie pollies ate that too... Any help or advice would be much much appreciated.

I have pictures but I cannot figure out how to upload them from my iPad. I will try and post them later. Thank you!

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

check the link.. good luck

describe your soil.. your soil prep.. and your water management ...

bugs are somehow attracted to stressed plants ... and we need to figure out if the browning is bug related.. or pre-existing ...


Here is a link that might be useful: how to post pix

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The Tomato Leaf where Rollie Pollies have been munching.

Tomato again

Strawberry Plant :(

Bean Sprout

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Sorry to double post, but I forgot to mention soil.
My soil is just miracle grow vegetable soil. I water a good bit (there were also a few storms, so that could explain the yellowing) and I noticed the Pill Bugs after I covered my carrot sprouts with plywood during a hail storm.

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