Recommendations for Central Arkansas Please

jwhite2947(7b Arkansas)February 4, 2013

I have one variety of plumeria (image included) which a friend gave me several years ago. I would like to order 3 or 4 new plants this spring. I don't have much room so I have to be selective. I see a lot of variety when viewing images for a particular type of plumeria and realize it has to do with heat/humidity etc. I feel I lucked out with the variety I have now. It is easy to care for, easy to root -- just does well in Arkansas. If you have time to recommend something you think will do well in our climate (it gets pretty hot most summers and is fairly humid), I would appreciate it.

I am interested in pinks and yellows mainly. Maybe a rainbow. Odor is not important to me. Unfortunately I don't see to be able to detect orders very well. Obviously I would like plants that produce large clusters -- who wouldn't. Some of the varieties I have been considering are Abigail, Pink Ruffles, Dean Conklin, Heart of Gold, Bowen Yellow, Inca Gold. The rainbows are harder for me since they really seem different depending on the site offering them. I have been looking at Puu Kahea, Cooktown Sunset, and Intense Rainbow. Again, I am limited to 4 purchases.

I went to the Jim Little website and found a yellow that I really liked -- Udi Yeud. If I was confident it would do well in Arkansas and would bloom well, I wouldn't mind the $75 price too much. I couldn't pay that much for all of the plants I want to order but could justify one big purchase.

If you have suggestions, I would really appreciate it. I enjoy reading everyone's posts so much. It is so helpful.


Joan White

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

Hey neighbor.

Im over here in Tulsa, Ok. Our climate is very similar to yours. Maybe a bit drier during the summer but the same heat and humidity. Right now I mostly have Jungle Jacks plants which are Thai varieties with exception to Scott Pratt and Celedine which I just rooted over the fall and winter. All mine do great here. My rainbow types change colors as the heat goes up and down. I would say that any kind you choose will do just great.

the only thing you should have to worry about is watering good during the summer and keeping them from freezing in winter.

you came to the right place to get hooked on more.


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Hi there! One variety that would probably perform very well for you is Divine from Jungle Jack's - it's compact and a very heavy bloomer for me. It's mutli colored too which is nice!

Celadine (yellow & white should be a good performer, it's the most common lei flower so it must produce in order to keep up with flower demand! I just ordered one of these myself!

Another favorite is Penang Peach (yellow, peach, pink).

I don't have any of the other varieties but I'm sure others will chime in with recommendations. let us know what you decide to get!

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jwhite2947(7b Arkansas)

Thank both of you for taking the time to reply. Looks like I will be checking out Jungle Jack's site -- esp the Divine since I have seen it mentioned several times in posts. Mike since we are in about the same boat as far as climate goes, can you tell me when you usually place orders for rooted plants? Thanks again.

Joan White

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

Oddly enough I have yet to order anything online. I would wait until spring or at least make sure the cold weather has gone away in the southern half of the states. Usually the damage would be from the ups man sitting your plants on your porch or in his truck too long.

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Consider Dean Conklin based on the flower color and bloom size and Penang Peach as a strong bloom, leaf shape, and flower color in humidity.

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Penang Peach or California Sunset (both very similar and change color depending on temp) and Gina fron Jungle Jacks, basketball size blooms that last a very long time.


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi There!!


I also like Penang Peach, Divine and you must have a Celadine. She is a "classic"

Good luck.. MIke is right.. wait unitl the temps get a little warmer or you can start giving your "Fed Ex" Cookies starting early so he/she will be gentle with your packages.. ;-)

Have fun looking..

All of the above advise is great!!



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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)


here are few of mine and how our temps effect the color.

California sunset on July 3rd when the high was 98 degrees, low of 78

august 12 high of 99, low 73

here it is on September 19th High of 84 morning low of 59

its pretty cool. Like having 3 different plants in one.


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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Hi Joan!

I also live in Tulsa.
Mike and I normally score our rooted plants from Southwood Nursery here in town but I also like to order rooted plants through the mail from Brad's Buds and Blooms but there are tons of great places to order plants online.
I know Brad has lots of colorful trees to choose from.
I can't wait until my Gold Coast Peach(y) blooms! :)

Good luck!


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jwhite2947(7b Arkansas)

Thanks so much for all of the advice and recommendations. I am so excited about spring approaching and placing orders. Robert and Mike, I wish there was a local nursery where I could buy plants. I found a few specimens at Home Depot once but I just happened in and found them. It is not usual for any nursery to stock them here. Mike I can't believe the images you posted are from the same plant. It helps with expectations to realize how much temp can affect bloom color.

Mike and/or Robert is there a way I can get you an email address and/or text number that you could use to let me know when Southwood gets plants in. I drive a Prius and could probably get hubby to drive me to Tulsa. The email address associated with this account is an old one and I don't check it on a regular basis.

Thanks again to everyone.


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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

Hey Joan

dont you worry about Southwood. I got it under control. LOL

I visit them at least once a week and when they do get their order, usually in May. When they do I will let the group know. Our buddy Kenny from OKC usually make the trip over as well. You can email me through the Gardenweb email if you like.

This year Im trying to get them to let us order the ones we want.


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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

You're welcome to email me with contact info (you can email me through GW - I check that account regularly).
I'll make a note to let you know when Southwood has some in (though only after Mike has had the first pick of the lot...don't want to get him mad at me). Laugh.


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Good luck, Joan! Looks like you have some great neighbors that are going to help take care of you. I'll be wondering what you decide to get, so give us a follow up when the time come.

Mike- Bravo, they really should let you decide what to order, does anyone else have a chance to purchase from them between you and Kenny? Time for customer loyalty to pay off!


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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

Hey Wendy

I usually have to hustle and beat Robert to all the good ones, LOL. Plumeria are gaining more attention around here. Robert knows of a few homes around him that have a few and I have seen a few around my place. Southwood tends to get around 40-50 plants and they seem to sell them pretty quick. No doubt that Robert, Kenny and Myself help a bunch but there are some other people out there somewhere.

Ive got my eye on a couple of your plants also. A mini white is still calling for me.


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FYI...I have had "Cooktown Sunset " for 4 years now and no blooms...I read later it is hard to get to bloom...prune with a shovel? roxanne

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jwhite2947(7b Arkansas)

Roxanne, exactly the kind of information I was hoping for. Not that I was hoping any were poor bloomers but that someone would share if they were. Thanks so much.

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