Leggy indoor plumerias need advice on cutting

RobertaJKFebruary 25, 2012

Hi to all here, thanks so much for this forum.

I have two plumeria plants grown from cuttings from Hawaii - planted about 6 or 7 yrs ago. They are now permanently indoors in a sunny south facing window - lots of light, near other plants in a space I try to keep as humid as I can (which is a challenge here in Boulder, CO!). They just got too big to move back and forth from outside! They have both bloomed over the years several times, but are now way too tall.

One has a single trunk to about 5 feet, branching to two branches each about 3 ft long, both of which have leaves at the growing tips now. The other has a single trunk to about 4 feet, branching to two branches each about five feet long, which have both diverged into a few additional branches near the growing tips. Basically, they look like stalks with leaves near the growing ends, and are supported on stakes.

I'm steeling myself to needing to cut these back severely, since I would really like to have them more manageable, about three or four feet high. But I love them, and am afraid of cutting the main trunks.

Do you have some advice for me? Can I plant the cuttings in the same pot with the original plants?

Thanks so much!

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It could be the variety of plant that is prone to being leggy. I dont know that there is an easy way to do it other than cutting about six inches above the first branch. Let it grow out a year and then if you want to cut the trunk lower next year...have at it. Forget about flowering for those two years if you do it. I wouldn't try to root any cuttings in the same pot.

Its pretty hard to do much more than cosmetic damage to a larger plumeria. As they can bounce back from alot of non rot branch damage.

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