Source for Acai Palms

briana_2006May 1, 2012

Hi All -

Does anyone know of a source to buy acai palm trees or seeds. I used to get the trees from a place in florida but they no longer sell outside of florida.



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Carlincooling(fl 10b)

I bought some about 10 years ago, although I can't remember who I bought them from. I planted them some in pots some in the ground. 1 of them has about 10 ft of wood and over all it's about 13 ft tall. Beautiful palm. If it blooms, I'll send you seeds.

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Almost always available from Floribunda Palms... warning- very tropical palm and does not do well in anything but very tropical environments. Easy grow in Hawaii, but no where else in the US.. maybe very very south Florida. No way is growing one in a greenhouse going to work, either, as they need to mature to produce fruit (and mature size is about 30' tall).

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